Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bainbridge, Ohio Amish Community Part 2

Non Gardening related Posting.

This is part # 2 and the final posting on the Bainbridge, Ohio and its Amish and Mennonite community.

On state highway 41 south of Bainbridge is the location for JR’s  General Store & Farm Market.

The first thing you notice as you pull into the parking lot is …

the buildings and gazebos that are built and sold there. Would I love to have the building with the porch for a potting and garden shed. Put  in a couple of skylights in the roof, a heater and , well I could almost live there. LOL!

JRS_Outdoors Also there are outdoor chairs and loungers in every color and design. These ones you never have to worry about painting or rotting. Notice the solar panel on the porch roof. No electricity in this store and its rooms.

JRS_Birdhouses Entering the front door and off to the right is furniture, birdhouses of every description, wind chimes and the cutest wooden hobby horses.

JRS_Amish_Hats_Brooms The store also caters to the locals with supplying like hats the men are famous for wearing. Heavy homemade brooms and even some tiny ones are on display. One of those may last me more than a year outdoors unlike the cheap ones I usually crab at the local Dollar Store.

One corner was stocked with every kind of bird feeder, birdbaths, butterfly houses and supplies.

Handmade baskets lined shelves and even little garden benches for the small ones or just for decorating.

But there were some bigger painted benches also for sale.

JRS_Candles There were shelves of candles. Peach Cobbler is a wonderful scent but I think it would just make me hungry. LOL!

There were several walls of engraved and painted signs….

and a rack filled with the small signs that we women love sticking around on shelves or to display.

Candle or plates for displaying….

JRS_Plaques and beautiful plaques.

The Amish are known for there handcrafted furniture and the finish work on it is just beautiful. Mostly made of oak that will last for a lifetime.

I loved this china cabinet and it was already tagged ‘sold’.

On the other end of this building was another room which held the Farmers Market. I was so busy looking around that I forgot to get pictures of the market area. The store was lit with gas lights and it was amazing how much warmth came from the lights. On a cold day it did help to warm the store up.

In the Grocery store there was bulk food stuffs of every kind. Everything from fixings for those who are vegan to the sugar free products. There was meat and cheeses of every kind and the vegetables were cheap. I kept grabbing bags to throw in vegetables. Hey, when I can get two green peppers for .99 cents I am going to stock up. LOL! I grabbed up some sugar free goodies like black raspberry jelly. My daughter and I had our arms filled when we went to check out. The market was very busy with customers and we could soon see the reason why with all there was to offer at one location.

All in all Bainbridge is a great little town to go for a day trip with all of the sites and stores they have to offer.
We will be back this summer to tour all of the stores that were closed like the Trading Post Antique shop with its many buildings filled with items and hopefully to shop at Margie’s Craft Store.
I will have her digging out one of those snowmen. LOL!
Also then the lakes and state park will be a treat to walk around when the weather warms up and everything is green once more.
So all of you Ohioans plan to visit and spend the day at these little out of the way gems in Bainbridge in Ross County. Take state highway 50 from Chillicothe and enjoy the country side on the way there. The town is filled with grand old buildings like the Lloyd Company and old stone homes.

Everyone have a great weekend!



Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I saw the photos, and you had me hooked at the outdoor chairs...could you imagine having one of those beautiful rockers outside on the porch.

What a great collection of items, the signs, and that reminds me, we need a bird feeder.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Patsy said...

Thanks I enjoyed the trip.

Randy Emmitt said...


This reminds me of the Amish store off hwy 32 about 30 miles east of Cincinnati. Lots to shop and the lawn furniture s very cool. Next time be sure to get the cashew brittle, oh my how tasty it is. Thanks for the lovely tour!

Bridget said...

I'd love to visit Amish country one day. That store is just fab!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the trip to see the Amish country. It is almost nostalgic for me. I am from near Lancaster, PA and that has an enormous community.

Pearl@serenitycove said...

Looks almost like Holmes County where I live. My parents both grew up Amish,but left before I was born. I have a few Amish relatives but most are Mennonite.
Thanks for the tour and sharing the pictures.

Zoey said...

That garden shed would be perfect in my yard! It even has the same back door as my garage. Loving the white gazebo, too.

Stephanie said...

Nice brooms! They look really well made. I would get the small one if I was there ;-)

Lona said...

So you have a porch on your new house???
They are made of some kind of hard plastic so no painting Jen!

Lona said...

Glad you liked the trip. You and the Bennie take care.

Lona said...

Do not tempt me with the cashew brittle. I do not need any prodding to eat though. LOL!

Lona said...

If you go Bridget go to Sugar Creek and the Walnut Creek areas in Ohio. So much to look at it takes two days.

Lona said...

I would love to go to Lancaster, Pa. someday and look around. I enjoy the Amish and Mennonite communities so much.

Lona said...

Pearl I have been up in your area so many times. I just love it there. We missed going last summer and want to make the trip this summer sometime.

Lona said...

Wouldn't that be the greatest potting and garden shed? I would love one.

Lona said...

To tell the truth the big ones are heavy so a medium size one would be the best. But then again it could give us a work out and get some muscles. LOL!

Jennifer said...

Hi Lona, We have a large Mennonite community just north west of where we live that offers similar crafted items and quilts. The small town has special parking facilities for their horse drawn carriages. Every summer we try to make a trip there.

RobinL said...

Wow, that store looks really fun, love that oak furniture. All of our furniture purchased for our current Ohio home is Amish, oak or cherry. Love it! I gave up on trying to get my old blog back. Google customer service is impossible. Very, very sad. It was my garden journal, and now I've lost it. I even lost my list of books I've read. Boohoo!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I enjoyed this part of your trip to Bainbridge and seeing all those wonderful items! I'll go read your part 1.

Becca's Dirt said...

Well I enjoyed that tour of the little store. Love it and wish I could 'touch' those things and buy something. They have a lot of neat interesting things there. Don't ya love these country places.

Toni said...

I finally posted about my potting bench. I hope you check it out :-)

Anonymous said...

I was trying to read your blog & look at your photos. But no matter how much I refreshed it would not come up completely. I read Pt. 1 without a problem. I even tried to click on the photo, but it then just said stop thief this is a no-no. Just thought I would say something in case it is something you need to fix & will try again another time.