Monday, February 27, 2012

More Seeds Were Sown

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
I have heard a few reports from the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show and so far the reports have been positive.
Now I am all pumped up to attend tomorrow.
I did get some more seeds sown indoors last week. I am going to mention them here so I will have a record of them for my winners and bummers list. LOL!
If they do not germinate it is usually my fault but I am one stubborn gardener and hate to let a teeny tiny seed get the best of me. But there are times when I have gotten seeds from certain companies that have not done as well as other companies. I keep records in my seed logs and if after all my efforts they just do not do well I have the name of that company where I purchased them and do not buy from them again. I am sure you all have had similar results with seeds and even with buying some plants.
Anyway, here are the seeds I sowed last week.

Angelica “Ebony’ caught my eye when I was purchasing seeds. I loved the dark foliage and rose colored blooms.

Aquilegia Clematiflora
By next spring these should be blooming for me.
Although it is hard for me to wait on seed grown perennials to come to maturity lets face it seeds are cheaper and you get a bunch of flowers from them to stick all around the garden  or to pass along to other gardeners.

A Bellflower mixture was also sown so when ever these bloom it is going to be a surprise on the colors that germinated. All three colors  well fit into my garden so it really does not matter much which grows.

Dianthus Barbatus “Sooty". Again I loved the deep color in this flower.

Chaenarrhinum “Summer Skies”
This is completely new to me and I have not grown it before so I do not know what to expect with this annual. I thought it would look pretty spreading out of  the sides in some of my containers.

Lewisia “Bright Eyes” to add to some containers.

Salvia “Fairy Queen”

Tithonia “Fiesta de Sol”

I also sowed just a few of the “Scabiosa” blooming zinnias. The rest of the seeds for this one I will sow direct when it warms up outdoors this spring.

In April  I plan to  sow a Torenia “Kauai” mixture for some shady containers.


Impatiens and some vegetables will also be sown then to later put out in the garden the last of May. The weather has been nice this year to tempt me to try to get them out earlier but here in Ohio the weather changes all the time so I will hold off no matter if they have moved our zone 5b to a 6a zone.
The petunias and geraniums have sprouted indoors and are doing very well.
So some gardening has been done and my hands have been into the soil but what I really want is to get outdoors and get to work on the flower beds. It will not be much longer now since February is at an end. For the shortest month this has seemed the longest somehow. So I am glad to kiss February goodbye this week.
Everyone have a great week and…..
Happy Gardening,



Patsy said...

We are showing more and more signs of spring every day here in Arkansas.

elaine rickett said...

Good luck with all your new seeds - I particularly love the colour of the Aquilegia - I grow lots myself and am quite happy that they self-seed all over the place.

scottweberpdx said...

Lovely choices...I love that Columbine! I know what you mean on the variability of seeds. I also find it humorous that the Knautia seeds I planted last winter had around a 1 in 12 germination route...but the ones in my garden seem to have about a 100% germinatin rate, judging by all the seedlings in my gravel path this spring!

Becca's Dirt said...

Where in the house are you doing your seeds? Those are some beauties and I hope they do well for you. I think most of my seeds will be direct sowed. If any of them don't make it - oh well it's just seeds. Do know anything about lisianthus and growing it from seed? How do you think columbine will do outdoors from seed?

PS I'll get another post up tomorrow. I've been kinda lazy about blogging lately.

Ed said...

Those are some great selections. I'm anxious to see how your torenia do. I love the old 'Clown Mixed' but it has gotten so hard to find!

Debbie said...

Hope all the flower seeds come a great variety of flowers. Deb

Stephanie said...

The month of love is certainly short haha... but Lona, looks like March is going to more exciting for you. Those seeds once sprouted is going to give you lots of fun. So, have fun deciding where to plant them! Btw, I hope Dianthus Barbatus “Sooty" will grow happily for you.

Astrid said...

Lona - again - such marvellous new ideas for flowers in the garden. I will have to try to locate some of these fabulous seeds. Thx for bringing them to my attention!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I just love that dark sooty dianthus. I had better get busy today and set up my plant lights and go through my seeds.


Lona said...

I know Patsy and I am so jealous. LOL!

Lona said...

Aquilegia is one of the early blooms around here in the garden so I keep adding them and letting them seed. I just move them around.

Lona said...

Now Scott you know they always come up where you do not want them too and never where you plant them. LOL!

Lona said...

Hi Becca. I have an old Bakers Rake that I have lights attached to and germinate my seeds. I love the blooms on lisianthus but have never grown them. I think it takes a long time for them to get going and bloom.Columbine should do well. They like partial shade so I love them in my shade garden.They take a year to mature so do not give up on them.

Lona said...

I love torenia too Ed so I liked this mix of colors for the shady containers.

Lona said...

I do to Deb. Sometimes they do well for me and other times not so much. LOL!

Lona said...

I hope the dianthus grows well to Steph. I loved the colors. I have a pink one so this Sooty should look well beside it.

Lona said...

I hope you can find some great seeds for your garden. I love seeing what everyone else is trying and how they did for them.

Lona said...

You got to get in gear girl! LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl those first two plants really wowed me ! I hope to see them in your garden girl !!
I grew Sooty and it is a nice plant .. I missed our little garden show here for the first time in years. Just not up to speed still .. but I am glad you have enjoyed or will enjoy yours ? LOL
Very nice plants .. seeds ? Good luck with them !!
Joy : )

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Lona you always have such a pretty collection of blooms. Love that Lewisia. I used to grow the Mexican Sunflower, Tithonia and really liked it. May have to get some seeds for that one!

Lona said...

Just got back after making a day of it and I am wore out but happy with the show!

Lona said...

I have never grown Tithonia before Janet so I am hoping it does well for me. I love that it well be a bloom that will be blooming later in the season.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I'll take at least one of I love them.

Keep forgetting that Lewisia can be grown from seed, and so many other plants also. We have never really had the room to do any seeding in our condo. That Angelica looks amazing!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Darla said...

Great job Lona! What will you pair the dark dianthus with? I find that I like the dark flower/foliage plants but have a hard time combining them with other plants for the best display. I am back to my original blog,just couldn't handle wordpress.

Kim and Victoria said...

Great seed choices. I especially like the Angelica and the Dianthus.
Your header is so nice and spring-like! Very pretty. Have fun at the garden show.