Thursday, May 24, 2012

“Everything’s Coming Up Roses”

I know I have been posting more this week than normally but I wanted to share some of the flowers that have been blooming in the gardens this week before my daughter and I leave to go on vacation to Virginia this weekend.
All of the roses that have been in my garden  for a few years have all bloomed and some are even losing their blooms now for the first flush of the season.
A few new roses planted this spring are just now starting to bud so they well be shown later.

New_Dawn_Rose3 “ New Dawn’ is a rambling rose and is disease resistant with a sweet fragrance. It  covers the side and roof of my garden shed. It has a subtle pink bloom. It was delegated to the shed because it will only bloom once for me here so it is not allowed in the rose garden. LOL! Poor thing. Hardy to zone 4.

“Gertrude Jekyll” English rose is climbing up a trellis in the Rose garden. It is two years old now and gives me a few bloom all summer.

“Iceberg” is a white floribunda rose that blooms all season up until the frosts take it. It has a sweet fragrance and is very hardy. It blooms grow in clusters.

Lavender_Simplicity2_May12 “Lavender Simplicity” is a hedge rose that can reach 4-5 feet. It repeats through summer and is hardy to zone 5.

Mordens_Blush_Roses “Morden Blush” a shrub rose that blooms throughout the season until frost and is hardy to zone 4.

Some gardeners shun the Knockout rose line but I love them in my garden because they are always in bloom and add color to the garden after other flowers or roses have been spent. They are all hardy to zone 4.

Pink_Knoockout_bush Pink Knockout “RADcon” single blooming shrub roses.

Knockout “RADtko pink” double blooming rose.

Red_Knockout2 Red Knockout “Rosa RADtko” is a double blooming shrub rose.

“Rainbow” RADcor” Knockout roses. This Rainbow rose has different colors in any given bloom from yellow, pink to peach.

“Sunny” Knockout rose. It is the only rose of the knockouts that has a fragrance.

Rose_Cimson_Bouquet5 “Crimson Bouquet” grandiflora. Is my personal favorite of all of the roses and the most fragrant in my garden. It has glossy green leaves and is very disease resistant and blooms until frost.
The blooms and petals can be dried for a fragrant potpourri or bouquet.

“Bella’ roma” is a Hybrid Tea rose and I have come to love hate this rose. It just has too many problems associated with it and often the buds stick fast and will not open. It only blooms once for me so it will give up  its place in the rose garden this fall and be delegated  to along the woods.

Rose_Double_Delight “Double Delight”  a Hybrid Tea Rose will bloom on and off this summer. The blooms fade to a rosy pink color with the age. This one is hardy to zone 4 and is fragrant.

Rose_EasyDoesIt “Easy Does It”  floribunda is a repeat blooming rose throughout the season. Reaches 3-4 feet and has colors from peach, orange and pink in its petals. It is disease  resistant and is hardy to zone 5 and has glossy green leaves.

Rose_Melody_Perfume “Melody Perfume” grandiflora rose has a nice sweet fragrance with large blooms.

Rose_Garden_Show_Climber “Show Garden” is a deep pink pillar or climbing rose and has a slight fragrance. It  is hardy to zone 4.

Rose_Bill_Warriner_May20 “Bill Warriner” floribunda rose is another of my favorites of the roses. This rose has a compact growth pattern, is fragrant and it is always in bloom in my Rose garden. Disease resistant and hardy to zone 5. It has those perfect shaped blooms that stay on for a long  time.

“Burgundy Iceberg” floribunda puts on blooms all season until frost. It has a mild honey fragrance and blooms in clusters. It also is practically thornless.

“Sky’s the Limit” a hardy climber and gives me repeat blooms throughout the summer.

“Bonica” shrub rose. Buyer beware it is not the silky pink as advertised in the pictures of it,  but its tiny blooms well bloom all season and it is disease resistant and hardy to zone 4. The blooms do get pinker in cooler weather.

“Gruss An Aachen” an antique floribunda rose which blooms all season. The fragrance is mild and it is hardy to zone 4. It is an antique white with hints of pink.

“Pink Flamingo” grandiflora has a lovely shade of pink and the name suits it but alas it has no fragrance.

And of course “Scentimental” floribunda rose which was shown in an earlier posting is also good to zone 4.
It remind me of the “Rock n’ Roll” roses.

So this is all of the roses that are blooming in the garden now.
I am excited to see the new additions to the rose garden that were planted this spring come into bloom very soon now.

What is your favorite rose in your garden??

Happy Gardening,


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Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Lona,

I don't have as many beautiful roses as you but I was just thinking of doing a post on roses. I have never seen a better year and the insects have not found them yet. Have a great trip!


Patrikswim said...

What a wonderful rose collection! Your garden must smell awesome this time of year.

I especially like those 'Morden Blush' blooms. Very beautiful!

I also am a fan of Knock Out roses because of their endless bloom season. Someone who truly loves roses would never shun a plant that can bloom at Thanksgiving time!

Balisha said...

if it weren't for knockouts, I wouldn't have any roses. They are ever bloomers. Your roses are spectacular. You asked what my favorite rose is...your roses are my favorites :)
Have fun on your vacation. By the way, who takes care of your roses while you are gone?

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Lona!
When you stroll out to the garden tomorrow don't be surprised if that absolutely stunning Scentimental Rose has disappeared, roots and all.

'Cause I plan to steal it!!! :D

Debbie said...

Your roses are beautiful! Mine havent even got buds on yet.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That's one gorgeous bouquet of roses...amazing how many different ones you have in your garden.

And each one is more beautiful then the last.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Stephanie said...

I always like to see your collection of roses. You have an amazing roses! Have a great weekend :-D

FlowerLady said...

Dear Lona ~ What a wonderful collection of roses you have. The one that gripped my heart this time is Burgundy Iceburg. All of them are beautiful but this one zapped me.

Have a wonderful vacation with your daughter.


Mac_fromAustralia said...

So many beautiful blooms!

The Redneck Rosarian said...

If blogs were only scratch and sniff, this would be heaven.... :) Such beautiful roses blooming in your garden. Double Delight is a real beauty.....