Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Morning Walk in the Garden


I well get back to posting more pictures of the Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens this week but today I wanted to share what was in bloom this morning as I walked around the garden.
There are changes everyday now in the garden and it is wonderful to watch the new blooms open.

Achillea_Oertels_Rose_June10 Achillea ‘Oertel’s Rose’ yarrow is looking prettier each day.

but a new and lighter shade of pink  achillea is this ‘Cerise’ yarrow that was grown from seeds last year.

Achillea_Snowdrift Achillea ‘Snow Drift’ yarrow.

Campanula_Peachleaf_June Peach leaf Campanula ‘Alba’ bellflowers.

Campaula_BlueClips Campanula ‘Blue Chips’ bellflowers.

Veronica Woolly Speedwell

Clematis vine Purpurea plena elegans

Coreopsis_Sienna_Sunset2 Corepsis ‘Sienna Sunset’. I am so glad the bears work while I sleep. LOL!


‘Crazy’ daisies and Razza Matazz echinacea.

A volunteers Ox-eyed daisy has sprang up in the bank bed.

Echinacea_PowWow_Wildberry The ‘Pow Wow Wildberry’ Echinacea continues to be a disappointment. Some of the heads do not even have petals.I thought I would give it another year after its first year blooming last year. Now I know it can be moved out to the woodland bed. Maybe a Kim’s Knee High Echinacea needs to replace this one???

Elderberry The Elderberry bushes are blooming along the woods.

‘Crimson’ Heuchera blooms.

Hydrangea Forever Pink dwarf  looked lovely in the morning light.

Lily_GardenPleasure ‘Garden Pleasure’ orienpet lily

Lily_Prairie_Blue_Eyes_June10 ‘Prairie Blue Eyes’ daylily

Lily_Orange_Asiatic2 An orange Asiatic lily.

Lily_Unknown And I have lost the name of this peach daylily.

Missouri_Primrose Missouri Primrose

‘Burgundy Can Can’ petunias grown from seed.

Raspberries The raspberries are getting ripe along the woods.

‘Burgundy Iceberg’ roses.

Rose_JuliaChild_Bugs ‘Julia Child’ English roses.

Rose_MusicBox ‘Music Box’ shrub rose

Rose_Pink_Flamingo_June10 ‘Pink Famingo’ rose.

Rose_Pink_KO_Double Pink Double Knockout roses.

Old Fashioned Sweetpeas

The tub planter is filling in nicely now. The dragonfly was made by Myra from “My Mother’s Daughter” and I was the lucky winner. I love it Myra!

And last but not least was this pesky visitor….

The little thing did not waste any time scampering up the big Sugar Maple tree when I went out the back door and caught it in the kittens feed. LOL! It was living up to the Bandit that it is but it should have waited until evening. It must have been very hungry.

So there is a lot blooming in the garden now and a lot of visitors.
Have a wonderful day,


Anonymous said...

Hi Londa,

Lovely to see so many blooms and I'm surprised to see the Daylilies already! Time really is flying past.
It seems you're having much better weather than last summer?

elaine rickett said...

You have some lovely blooms in your garden at the moment and I love your little friend he has such a cute face.

Helen said...

All of your flowers are beautiful. The little Raccoon is so cute.

Carolyn ♥ said...

Beautiful blooms Lona. We are a bit behind you... daisies and echinacea are about two weeks away.

Bernie H said...

How lovely to be welcomed home with such beautiful blooms. The purple Clematis caught my eye, and the 'Garden Pleasure' Orienpet is gorgeous. Your Roses are lovely. I adore the colour of the 'Burgundy Iceberg' and 'Julia Child'. I loved the shot of your pesky visitor. Now who couldn't love that sweet little face?

FlowerLady said...

Dear Lona ~ What beauties you have growing there. I bet your gardens are a real joy to walk around in. You have such a wonderful variety and it is all so colorful.

Racoons can be such a nuisance, no matter how cute they might be.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

so funny ~ I just posted about clematis 'Purpurea Plena elegans' too! She's one you don't see a lot so it's always fun to see her in someones garden you "know!"
You have quite a collection of plants Lona and when you like something you have every color!! I'm always impressed.
I've had to bring my bird feeders inside at night for the past year because of raccoons. They broke my antique feeder too by knocking it over night after night. :-(

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I need this much color in my garden, but we are some weeks behind you. What a collection you have of stunning flowers.

Watch out for the Mommy Raccoon, while they are pretty good with cats, they can be unpredictable when they have baby racs around.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Darla said...

Your garden photos are always so inviting. Cute dragonfly and be careful of those rabies carrying raccoons....Diamond Frost Euphorbia, I do nothing to mine other than water..FYI--the root in a vase of water over the course of about 2 weeks or so. That is what I do at the end of the summer so I have more the next my containers of them get so huge...I also planted 3 or 4 starts in the ground this year as an experiment.

Zoey said...

Hi Lona,
You have so many lovely flowers!

The cute face on your little belies the evil they can do.

Stephanie said...

Lovely blooms and extra-ordinary shots Lona. It's always a pleasant experience dropping by your blog. I love that pic with the bear. Btw, I have included you for the Versatile Blogger award. Hope you have the time to check out the details in my latest post. Have a great week and enjoy your garden.

Alistair said...

Magical shots Lona, I would be hard pushed to choose a favourite.

Kim and Victoria said...

You have so many things blooming- even lilies! I'm impressed. Everything looks so lovely. Love the burgundy rose and the garden pleasure lily. Cute raccoon. Can't hate the little buggers even though they would love to eat our chickens.

Nadezda said...

Hi Lona, you have the very nice peach campanulla, and your hydrangea is blooming now! leaves are still growing on mine.

RobinL said...

Hmm, I wish I knew that about Pow Wow before I planted six of them! We'll see how they do here. The foxglove with the upward facing blooms was Candy Mountain. My lavender is incredible this year, but I can't get anywhere NEAR it, too many bees! It also put out lots of seedlings last year, so I need to spread it around the garden a bit. My Knockout tree rose doesn't need any special care, but it sure doesn't bloom very well. Perhaps it needs lots more fertilizer.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

You really have a lot blooming now. I do like that little purple clematis bloom, such a cutie!!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed seeing your blooms. I have that clematis, too. I enjoy growing it.

That raccoon looks like it is posing for you!

bakingbarb said...

You have yarrow posted! How funny!
That clematis with the little flowers is quite pretty, there are so many flowers to see! Love to see the variety that you post and my mouth waters over the raspberries, the black ones are my favorite.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl we both have Julia Child rose ! and I am not the only one disappointed in Pow Wow Wildberry echinacea !! I don't know how many I planted last year and they are a huge disappointment especially after reading other gardeners love them ?
What is wrong with us ??? LOL
Love the pictures but the raccoon gave me shivers thinking of what we had gone through with them .. eeekk!!

myomyohi said...

Hi Lona,
I'm glad you like your dragonfly. It looks perfect there.

We have lots of bandits here. Starlings raid the cat food during the day, and opossum, raccoons and skunk at night if we leave it out after dark.



Your coon shot is amazing. What a cute little bandit. :) Love all your flowers.