Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Rose Garden at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens


The beautiful Lewis Ginter Conservatory and Botanical garden is located in Richmond, Virginia. If you get a chance to visit please do. You will not be disappointed because there is just so much to see there. My daughter and I spent several hours there strolling around in the different gardens in 90 degree weather. But there were many places to set and cool of and we even took our lunch there at one of the two restaurants on the grounds.

LG_Rose_Garden This is the entrance to the rose garden there and there were many roses in bloom still to look at.

LG_Rose_Garden3 The rose gardens ledges and circles of beds made for seeing a rainbow of colors at any angle. Some of my pictures do not do the roses justice because of the direct sun and glare.

LG_Buxom_Beauty_Tea ‘Buxom Beauty’ Hybrid Tea Rose. (Palatine Roses) Its bright shade of deep pinks were indeed beautiful and very fragrant.

‘Fragrant Cloud’ Tea roses were just gorgeous and go onto my ‘never ending plant list’. Very fragrant, repeat blooms and hardy in zones  5-10.

LG_Francis_Rabalais_Floribunda_Meilland2 ‘Francois Rabelais’ Floribunda is a beautiful garnet red and hardy from zones 6b and warmer. A medium sized bush from Meilland.

 LG_GoldenFairytale_KordesTea ‘Golden Fairytale’ Hybrid Tea from Kordes. Has glossy green foliage and is hardy in zones 5b and warmer. Disease resistant and although not showing here in the glaring picture is in all shades of yellow in one bloom.

LG_Innocentia_Vigorosa_Kordes This ‘Innocentia Vigorosa’ by Kordes was just a gorgeous white shrub rose. Its fragrance was like apples and was a compact bush good for a border.

LG_LemonsNOranges ‘Lemons & Oranges’ is just the colors its name implies. It has a fruity fragrance and is a hardy shrub rose in zones 5-10. Its orange and yellow stripe are brilliant.

LG_LivinEasy_Floribunda ‘Livin Easy’ floribunda rose is a fragrant rose with repeat blooms. it is hardy in zones 6-9.

I could not find a name on this beautiful pink rose. It may be another David Austin introduction.

LG_WildBlueYonder_Grandiflora ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ grandiflora roses. This was a pretty clustered rose with many shades of colors in its blooms as they age. Has a citrus fragrance and is hardy in zones 5 or 4 with protection.

LG_StrikeItRich_Grandiflora ‘Strike It Rich’ grandiflora roses were a deep golden color. It is disease resistant, repeat blooms, and is hardy in zones 5-9.

LG_SpiritofFreedom_DavidAusitnShrub ‘Spirit of Freedom’ a David Austin English rose is a hardy medium to tall bush

LG_Rita_Levi_Montalcini_Barni_Floribunda2 ‘Rita Levi Montalcini' floribunda rose has fragrant clusters of apricot blooms. It is hardy in zones 4-9 and repeat blooms.

LG_Rosa_Nahema_Climber ‘Nehema’ climbing rose is  very fragrant and hardy to zone 5. It grows 10 to 15 feet with repeat blooms. It has large cupped double blooms in a light pink.



These were just a few of the roses in the Lewis Ginter rose garden that caught my eye.
I will share some of the plants and butterflies that were there in a later posting. I hope you enjoy the roses.

Happy Gardening,


Debby said...

Just beautiful.

Helen said...

I loved the different kinds of roses. I would love to smell some of those with citrusy smell.

Astrid said...

Hi Lona
My goodness, these are so pretty!! LOVE the names: "Lemons and Oranges", "Livin' Easy", "Wild Blue Yonder". So glad you had a great week of touring although it's too bad it was so hot. Gorgeous photos - thx!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a gorgeous garden. I saw a large display of 'Livin Easy' when I was at Longwood Gardens recently and loved it. Don't like the name though.

Nadezda said...

Lona, it's lovely Lewis garden, than you for sharing this tour! These roses are beautiful!

The Redneck Rosarian said...

With each photo, I say WoW! I know this garden was a sight to behold. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jeri Landers said...

Nehema is just what I am looking for. How luscious are the roses! I am in Richmond a few times a year, and would love to visit this garden.

elaine rickett said...

Lovely garden and roses Lona - you are lucky to be able to visit - a bit too far away for me, unfortunately.

AIice said...

Wow! Gorgeous blooms. Breath taking indeed.

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Indie said...

What a fabulous garden! Such gorgeous roses - I especially love the Innocentia Vigorosa and Nehema. We go through Richmond every so often - one of these times we'll have to stop there for a visit!

Anonymous said...

we need a scratch & sniff feature on this post Lona! Bet the fragrance was heavenly ~ they all look gorgeous. Is there ever such a thing as an ugly rose tho??!!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Fabulous, and i agree with Katheen, we need scratch & sniff.

bakingbarb said...

How wonderful to have this garden to stroll through. Beautiful roses, my Grandma was a rose grower alas I didn't catch that gene but I do love them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl you take such beautiful pictures of plants it is like I am there .. now if you could do something about sending the rose fragrance to me as well ? it would be perfect !!! LOL
Joy : )

Zoey said...

So beautiful, Lona.

I don't grow any roses, but I do appreciate their beauty in other gardens.

myomyohi said...

Loved all the roses. Now I have to expand my list of plants I want.
Thanks for sharing.

RobinL said...

Oh Lona, I am practically drooling over those roses, especially that pink David Austin. I hope to have one of my own later this summer. It's growing nicely right now. I'm puzzled by the Lemons and Oranges. I have Oranges and Lemons, and it has no fragrance. Do you think they've name two of them so closely?