Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Vacation from the Vacation



Will we made it back Sunday from our vacation week in the beautiful state of Virginia.
A posting was delayed because I needed a few days vacation from being on vacation. LOL! This old girl cannot take it like she use to.
Running the whole week wore me out.
And I had to take a day just to sort out all of the pictures.
We had a lovely time and saw many interesting points of interest and gardens in Virginia.

I came home and went straight out to the gardens to check them out and water a few plants that were in containers.
The roses were all but finished blooming.

The exception being that the new ‘Ketchup & Mustard’
Floribunda rose was putting on some blooms.

Rose_Ketchup_Mustard_Bud The red with yellow undersides on the petals makes a striking combination.

The achillea ‘Oretel’s Rose’ yarrow was blooming and hiding the Little Miss sitting on the wall.

Succulents_Basket The succulents that were planted in the basket were enjoying the heat and dry weather.

The Astrantia blooms were also starting to fade since I had left.

But the pink…

.. and red astilbes were now  blooming.

The irises were also finished and the blooms all dried out except for this Siberian Purple Iris.

The ‘Blue Hill’ salvia just had a few blooms remaining so I cut it back yesterday so it could grow back and give me more blooms later.

Clematis_CrimsonStar The ‘Crimson Star’ clematis was in full bloom and looking lovely.

Campanula_BlueChip2 Now is the time for the campanula and bellflowers to take their turn to bloom and this ‘Blue Chip’ is looking pretty now.

Campanula_Purple_ClusterBellflower2 Along with the ‘Purple Clustered’ bellflowers.

And the ‘Alba’ Clustered bellflower returned. It sprang up last year from amongst the purple ones for the first time.

Clematis_Florida_Seiboldii_June The clematis ‘Florida Seiboldii’ was still looking just as lovely even with a few nips from a wandering bug or two from its petals.

These are first blooms from the variegated ‘Alexander’s’ loosestrife.

The ‘Crazy’ daisies started to bloom in my absence.

Echinachia_RazzaMatazz And so did the first of the Echinacea. This one is ‘Razza Matazz’ coneflower.

‘Bluebird’ delphiniums have been made the home for a spider it appears.

The perennial ‘Yellow Foxgloves’ are also blooming now in the shade garden.

Feverfew The Feverfew is also in bloom but falling over so it will have to be moved to a better spot this fall.

Hydrangea_Nikko_June What really grabbed my attention was all of the blue blooms on the ‘Nikko’ hydrangea. After such a dismal display last year it has certainly made up for it this year. It is just loaded with big blue balls of blooms.

Hydrangea_Forever_Pink_Dwarf And the ‘Forever Pink’ dwarf hydrangea is showing tinges of pink in the blooms. It will change colors several times over the summer.

Lilt_StelladeOro ‘Stella de Oro’ looked as if it had been blooming the whole week we were gone.

Poppy_Volunteer3 And it was quite a surprise to see this volunteer poppy blooming. Those of you who have read my blog over the years have heard about my frustration in getting poppy seeds to start for me in the garden. Believe me I have tried and tried and wasted more seed.
So I decided to just buy a poppy and give up on the seeds. So what happens? This one pops up from out of the blue. LOL! Isn’t that always the way of things.

So I am going to enjoy this lovely poppy that decided to bloom in the garden.

Even the first ever blooms from Linda’s Rose Companion seeds  that were sown just made my day. If Linda only knew that her flowers that she shared were growing on and were so appreciated.

I thought about the garden many times while we were on vacation last week. Wondering what was blooming and if number one son had watered the containers. Oh, like you don’t. LOL! Gardeners and their gardens. But it went on without me finishing the blooms of most of the roses and irises but many more to take their place had started blooming without me. How rude! LOL!
After spending a little time yesterday dead heading the roses and a few other plants, pulling some weeds, tying up the tomato plants, tidying up in general, and watering the containers I felt much better and rested from the vacation week.
Everyone have a wonderful week and..
Happy Gardening!


Joe Todd said...

Welcome back and greeted with good weather to (for Ohio)

Becca's Dirt said...

Glad you had a good time on vacation. It's always good to get away but even better when we get home to relax and catch our breath. Love the echinacea Razza Matazz. I have my first echinacea blooms this year. You sent me zinnia seeds 'starlight rose' and they are about to bloom. I'll share a photo when I can get one.

Darla said...

Just beautiful your flowers! Linda is smiling I'm sure. Now, let that poppy reseed itself and see what happens next year.....Welcome Home!!

Balisha said...

Glad you are back and rested. Looks like your son took extra good care of Mom's posies. Can't wait for pictures of your trip...Balisha

Astrid said...

Hi Lona
Glad you had a good trip but I know what you mean about being tired after a run-around vacation (no matter how much fun it was!). Your garden blooms are still fantastic - things are looking very lovely. And I'm glad some general garden clean-up proved relaxing.

pogonip said...

I'm fine-tuning the watering system to take care of my plant babies when I "abandon" them. I need a nanny cam just for my garden!

Love the poppy--no luck seeding them for me either.

The Sage Butterfly said...

That Ketchup and Mustard rose really caught my eye. The contrast of colors is breathtaking. Each angle is better than the next. All of your plants seem to have been nurtured by you enough to be on their own for a few days. All of them are so beautiful!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I really like your Ketchup and Mustard rose, such a great combination of the two colors.
Vacations are hard to recover from!!

Sunray Gardens said...

You always know you had a great vacation when you come home exhausted. That Ketchup and Mustard Rose is interesting. From what I can tell in the photo, looks like it would be wonderful.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm so glad you stopped by, your blog is lovely with so much eye candy and more garden blog links!!! I could spend hours here!! Nice to meet you!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

It is very hard to go away and leave the garden. I just love that new rose Ketchup and Mustard, will need to check out the zone on that one.

Your blooms all look like they weathered your absence.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That moment when you walk back into your garden is so like saying hello to a good friend again. You've changed, how are you?

Love it.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


Hi Lona, I'm glad you had a nice vacation. I'm sorry I've been gone from your blog so long. I love your Ketchup and Mustard rose. What a great name! I am so envious of your 'Florida Seiboldii.' I wish I had room for another Clemmy. Gorgeous. Your Astrantia photo is also gorgeous and your 'Nikko' hydrangea...wowzers! Thank you for the eye candy!

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Love traveling but always wondering about the garden. First thing I do when we get home is check out the garden too!

Stephanie said...

Aha how nice if we all could bring our plants with us. Put them in a big truck or something hehe... Your plants are gorgeous. Welcome home Lona! Have a great weekend ;-D

The Redneck Rosarian said...

It looks like your Ketchup & Mustard rose is going to be a "condimental" success! Ha! all are lovely. Glad you had a great vacation....

Jennifer said...

Hi Lona, Hope you had a nice time on vacation. I sometimes find that an action packed week of sightseeing can be as exhausting as it is exhilarating. Your garden certainly has a nice array of flowers in bloom. I was wondering about the ‘Alexander’s’ loosestrife in particular because I have been thinking of adding that to the garden. Some loosestrife can wander. How is this one in particular? Have a great weekend Lona!

Nadezda said...

Lona, I'm glad you had very interesting vacation! I love the photo of ketchup rose, and of salvia.

RobinL said...

See, your garden doesn't even need you, it just goes on without you. How beautiful! That Ketchup and Mustard rose is so unique. Is it fragrant? Hey, there's no need for you to steal my bird trellis, they sell it at Lowe's, $25! Go get one!