Friday, July 27, 2012

Fertilizer Friday


We are getting more rain now and the garden is loving it. We are all thankful for what we are getting after that long hot dry spell. I know the farmers are happy because the corn and soybeans were dying in the fields. I just hope it is enough and that the crops will not be stunted.

The ‘Carlotta’ daylily is still putting on some blooms but it looks like the daylilies are about finished blooming now. All of the blooms are going too soon this summer.

Caladium_PinkBeauty A couple containers of ‘Pink Beauty’ caladium help to brighten up the shade garden since the astilbes are finished blooming.

The Red Skin dahlias grown from seed are starting to bloom and looking lovely. I love the dark pink blooms against the dark foliage.

The hibiscus are blooming to take the place of some of the other plants now that  are waning. This one was grown from seed from a sweet girl, April Johnson, aka Dirt Princess, from “ Trials & Tribulations of a Southern Gardener”. I do not know its name so I just call it ‘April’s Hibiscus’. She has met the man of here dreams and is going to be a mother now. I am so excited for her. Her Hibiscus grows in my friendship bed where I grow flowers that are grown from seeds that kind bloggers have sent to me. This bed is a favorite because it reminds me of the great gardeners I have come to known through garden blogging and when I look at their flowers it reminds me of them.

The “Diamond Frost’ Euphorbia graminea is over taking the Coral Wave petunias in the urn. I love the delicate white blooms on this plant.

The Crape Myrtle bush is loaded again this summer and will give us blooms for a long time.


‘Vanilla Strawberry’ hydrangea continues to open its blooms. I is going to be fun to watch the blooms turn  a strawberry color.

The Lemon lantana is blooming away for the butterflies but the Monarchs are still MIA.

The purple Liatris or Gay Feather is blooming in the Friendship Garden. These were sent to me by a lovely lady, Darla, from Friends & Family.


In an old pot some Portulaca or Moss Rose is the only flower that did not mind all the heat we have had this summer.


The Mimosa tree is finishing its bloom cycle. The bees enjoyed its puffy blooms.

Snapdragons_Vining Vining Snapdragons are still looking lovely in their basket.

It looks like the containers in the garden is what is adding the most color now in the garden. Everything else is blooming out for the summer.


I am joining in on Fertilizer Friday with our hostess Glenda From “Tootsie Time” so join us in Flaunting Your Flowers.

The summer is going so fast and July is all but finished for this year.
Happy Gardening,



Margy said...

Thanks for an awesome garden tour! Your plants are amazing.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Your garden looks lovely despite the heat, lots of color, and texture.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful blooms Lona. Gorgeous dahlia. I love the dark center with the lighter colored petals. Hibuscus are such stunners with huge awesome blooms. I love your idea of a 'friendship garden'. I am thrilled for April too. She sounds really happy and a baby...can't get any better. My gardens are resting!!! LOL Actually there are few things hanging on like the coneflowers but most have bloomed out for the summer. I lost so many plants in June and have so many empty spots. But this is not the time of year to fill them in. Next year.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Lona all your flowers are stunning. I love the vining snapdragon, a plant I have not seen around here, I will have to ask at the garden center.
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get some more much needed rain.

Nadezda said...

Lona, how nice is a basket as a container! The next year I'll collect all my baskets and use them as the containers.

Darla said...

Glad you are getting some vitamin G on the gardens. I am so glad I am in your friendship garden, I need to send you something else too...have a blessed weekend Lona!!

Sunray Gardens said...

Very pretty Lona. Happy that the rain has made a difference for you, although our farmer's have been approved federal aid because of the losses. We got some too but so far the grass is still brown but hoping things will change soon. My losses are a lot. Your things all look fantastic. My Vanilla Strawberry is blooming also. I had wondered if yours bloomed for you this year. Mine has lots more blooms this year.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Gatsbys Gardens said...

The Carlotta Daylily is beautiful, must look that one up. A vining snapdragon, another plant I have not seen around here. It's going to be a little cooler here this week, in the 80's.


Masha said...

I am glad you got some rain! Your garden looks lovely.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love the change on your blog background. The lily in your header is a pretty one.
I have Diamond Frost for the first time this year. Really like it! I like the idea of a friendship garden...from your blogging friends.

noel said...

aloha lona,

what a beautiful collection, your garden is full of color thanks for the tour...i love those caladiums too :)

Pearl@serenitycove said...

SO THANKFUL for the rain we got too! It's a little to late for a lot of my flowers, but the garden sure is benefiting from it.

Anonymous said...

Your new blog header is beautiful Lona ~ my favorite color!! Is that where I saw 'Elodie' last year??
Beautiful dahlia ~ most of mine are slow this year (the opposite of everything else!)
Glad you are getting rain ~ hope it spreads west!
p.s. Of course I will save you some red delphinium seeds! You have such great luck starting seeds I know you'll do well with them.

Joe Todd said...

Love your flowers.. Picking a lot of peaches in Lancaster.. Can't keep the deer out of the garden.. They are smarter than I am.. LOL