Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meanwhile Out in the Garden


I cannot believe that this is the last full week of July.Where did this month go? That saying as the “older you go the faster that time goes by” sure makes since this month.
Meanwhile in the garden the plants are much happier with the rain we received last week and the few sprinkles yesterday. And the grass, well the grass has taken off again so it means mowing again now.
It is 80 degrees F. at 8 oclock this morning so it looks like the heat is setting in again and may bring some thunderstorms for us here in the hills.

The chrysanthemums are starting to bloom. With everything being three weeks ahead of schedule this year I did not even bother pinching them back  but let them go. So if I want Mums for Fall decorating they will have to be purchased in pots.

The hydrangeas are finished and the lilies also with exception of a few daylilies put on the occasional bloom.

The Japanese beetles are almost gone too so maybe the last blooms on the roses will not be mangled and eaten before they have has a chance to open.

Frans_Hals_Daylily Frans Hals Daylily

The Monarda’s or Bee Balms are also all but gone with just a few petals holding onto the Raspberry Wine.

The first blooms on the tall phlox are waning now and I have started pinching them off to encourage more blooms. Around the Phlox bed is where the action is now because the Butterflies love them and their sweet fragrance draws them in.

The Monarchs are still missing in action in my garden. Usually the Butterfly plants are stripped bare by this time of the year. But now this year.

Clearwing_Hummingbird_Moth By the way Clearwing Hummingbird Moths love Phlox too.

Silver Spotted Skipper

That pesky raccoon showed up with two babies at the back step.
I had to chase her out of my tomatoes one day. Fearing she would get them before I did I picked all of the ones that were turning ripe. After all I had had my mouth all set for those first tomatoes. LOL!

None of the tall phlox are doing as well this year from the weather extremes but this “Orange Perfection” phlox in its second year is looking pretty. It is a compact phlox so it is not leaning over  like the other tall ones in the garden.


Some of the first blooming Japanese Anemones are starting to get buds now and will soon be blooming. I fear that the pickings are going to be very lean in the flower garden come September.
Everyone have a wonderful week,
Happy Gardening,



Nadezda said...

Lona, I love your phlox, especially the last photo, deep pink color. I'm glad you receive the rain sometimes in your garden. I can lend you some more rain from my garden!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I think that our daisies have to go in the front yard, and should be replaced by maybe a phlox. Still pondering that.

Raccoon babies sure are cute as kittens, but the Mom's not so nice.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

The raccoon is very cute, but what a pesky critter, just like one of my rabbits who can clear the 2 foot fence around my flower garden in one jump. I spray that stinky 'liquid fence' on the plants which, so far, seems to be doing the job.

Darla said...

We could go on for days about the strange weather couldn't we? Raccoons are not your friends!

Sadun blogi - Satu's blog said...

Oh, that raccoon is so cute! We don't have any of them here in Finland...

Zoey said...

Hate raccoons! Luckily I have not had any problems with them since I stopped feeding the birds.

Amazing how the crysathamums are already blooming!

I have phlox and daylilies right now.

I don't know what happened to the orange perfection I had planted in one of my barrels. I think I may have removed it after it did not perform up to my expectations. Now that I see how nice yours is, I wish I had not been so quick to toss it out!

Anonymous said...

That raccoon is determined to stay in your garden Lona! I don't blame her!
I'm so jealous that you overwintered the pink lobelia. I have bought that one twice but never succeeded in getting it to come back.
Strange you don't have Monarchs ~ I've seen a few but usually don't have that many in my garden until August ~ not sure why?? I have plenty of milkweed whenever they show up....
Your phlox are beautiful. Still burning up here, :(

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Glad to see you have so many great blooms still going strong. As for that Raccoon....grrrrrr. They are a pain.

Noelle said...

Those are really a refreshing blooms! Thanks a lot for sharing those. I am glad that you have many visitors in your garden. Although I don't want the raccoon's visit.

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Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lona,
That is a lovely mum. I'm glad you got some rain. We have a 50% chance this evening. I hope we get it. It's been over 30 days since we've had measurable rain.

This post reminded me that I haven't seen any hummingbird moths yet this year. I just haven't been outside as much, either. I have been seeing a few painted ladies, swallowtails, and skippers, but only saw a couple monarchs early on.

cherry said...

It all still looks lovely to me. I'm not looking for much around here this fall either everything is just sitting still other than the grass and weeds.. I'm thinking a weed garden might be the way to go ..lol
hugs, Cherry

Jennifer said...

Hi Lona, Glad that you got some rain. We finally got rain last night and boy, oh boy did it come down. The garden needed it desperately though.
Phlox does attract butterflies like no other. My phlox are really suffering from all the dry weather.
I did not know raccoons would go for tomatoes. We have a nuisance Mom and babies as well. Hopefully, we both get some tomatoes before they get them all!


OMGosh, Lona, you always get the best photos! I love that hummingbird moth capture. It's amazing. And that pink phlox makes me smile. Of course the coon photo is also quite endearing even if the subject is a total menace. :) Glad to hear the rain gods smiled on you. I hope it stays mild.

David said...

I've had the same problem with a raccoon and her babies showing up in my garden. They haven't been too much of a problem, so maybe they will move on.
You certainly have a lot of lovely butterflies in your garden! Wow!
About my blue Plumbago; I liked your comment and I must say I'm starting to like it now. It indeed does have a clear blue flower. I'm glad you have one as well.

David said...

Oh, I almost forgot to ask, where did the raccoon come from? Are you on the edge of town near a forest?
Our raccoon lives a brushpile a few doors down. I had to give away my chickens because it broke into the coop 7 times! If you cover your tomatoes with strong wiring they might leave. One of my books said they like most vegetables but don't seem to enjoy tomatoes.

debsgarden said...

I love you photos! A mama raccoon raised three babies in the hollow of a huge oak tree behind our house this summer. every morning we have to inspect to see what havoc they have done overnight. Very intelligent and very pesky creatures!

Indie said...

My mums bloomed several weeks ago! I'm also going to have to buy some fall blooming plants the way this summer is going if I still want some color in the garden. Your daylily is beautiful - I love the yellows and oranges. I haven't seen any monarchs on my butterfly weeds either yet. They'd better hurry up before the aphids decimate them!