Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ad Tagging on Key Words of Your Postings ???


I am not using Ad Sense or any advertisements on my postings.

Alright I am really aggravated. If anyone wants to make money from my postings or Blog it should be me or it should be you from your postings on your blog.
So have any of you started getting your postings tags for ads for key words in your blogs?
I just noticed them appearing on my last posting and they tagged the words and underlined them to link to  ads.
Such words as:
agency, garden catalogs, outdoor furniture and Saturday,
Were tagged on my posting which led to ads.

I hate this being on my blog and I am very aggravated that they can do this and advertise freely with ads that may be offensive or something that I would never recommend to anyone.
This may just cause me to stop blogging altogether.

Is anyone else having these appear on your Blogger Postings???
Does anyone know how to get rid of them??
Thank you,


Carolyn ♥ said...

Hmmmm... have not heard of this. I would be angry, too.

Debby said...

I had this a little while back. Not recently though. It is very annoying. If you clicked you went someplace that was selling that item. Wonder why the stopped on mine.

Ana coelho said...

Hi Lona I dont have that problem
but I'm a virgen at blogging,and I suppose not that interesting,but I do love reading your posting's.

Sue said...

I haven't noticed but will now keep an eye out. In my experience, when services that have been free start changing things up like that they are getting ready to offer a pay option for a "premium" version that will not contain the ads. Perhaps that is what will be happening at Blogspot?

sharon said...

get rid of the tags...I dont look up stuff by them and they take up space! I have fibro too!!

sharon said...

lona..OkI tried to download the fibro sign but it said stop thief....How do you do that I want that for my blog....the "no save" an

Balisha said...

I haven't had this happen, but a few weeks ago, I noticed that the link within wasn't working....you know at the bottom of posts where it says (You Might Also Like.) The thumbnails were not from my blog, but advertising spots and things from weird blogs.
Crazy things are happening.

cherry said...

I have not heard or seen anything yet. I tried to find them on yours but didn't so I hope that means you have found a fix already..
hugs, Cherry

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I don't see the ads on your blog nor do I see any within Google Reader. I use Google Reader to keep track of posts I haven't read. There are some folks who have a lot of ads within Google Reader.

Swimray said...

I noticed this on a few other blogs, and though the authors were doing it to make more money. Thanks for setting the records straight.

I stopped ad sense on my blog after about a year - it was placing weight loss ads on my garden blog!

Sunray Gardens said...

I haven't and I did not notice it on your last posting. What I DO notice is on most blogs when they first start to open they'll be an ad show before everything else appears and then as the blog itself starts showing itself, the ad is behind. Not cool!
Cher Sunray Gardens

Darla said...

Yep, it shows up on mine...I figured it out because I thought I had linked to something in my post and clicked it to see what in the world I had done...don't know how to stop it. AND I don't add tags to my posts and it still happens sometimes...sigh don't stop blogging!!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

This has never happened to me Lona (at least that I am aware of) but I wouldn't like it either. Maybe you should send them an invoice (like Tina has done)??!! You should definitely be the only one making money off your blog. Please don't let it make you quit tho!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I wasn't aware of this, that's horrible.

Now I am going to have to take a look at mine.


Kim and Victoria said...

Wow, bizarre. I'll have to keep an eye out.