Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome November


I hope all of our gardening friends in the east are safe. What a heart breaking storm Sandy turned out to be for so many. You are all in our prayers. And do not forget to contribute to the emergency relief agency of your choice to help our neighbors. It could be us that need help in the future.

White Asters

It is hard to complain about the two inches of snow we received from the storm when so many lost everything and are even dealing with gas shortages now on top of everything else.

Blue Asters

All of the fall wild asters blooms here are now blown away or dead.

Primrose ? Anyone know this native?

Now we northern gardeners will have to do our gardening indoors or find some southern gardeners to get our flower fix. For mine I go to Australia and the garden of  Bernie (Bush Bernie’s Blog) to feast my eyes on her lilies now in bloom.

Hedge Apple

Now we start thinking about forcing bulbs for some winter color or trying to get those amaryllis to bloom.

Bachelor Button

Now we start dreaming of next spring when the bulbs we planted this fall will begin to bloom.

Jewel Weed

Can the spring garden catalogs soon begin to arrive so we can feast on new introductions for 2013.

Green Headed Coneflower

No matter how far ahead I think I am in getting the garden ready for winter there is always some things I have to hurry to get done each year.
Yesterday afternoon was spent putting away the final garden décor, putting away the outdoor furniture into the shed, and draining and putting away the water hoses.


It is time to turn those clocks back this Saturday evening or Sunday morning, whichever you prefer.
What if we all just be rebels and refuse to turn them back? LOL!

What are you going to do to get your garden fix this coming winter?

Happy gardening,


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hello Lona,

We didn't see any snow over here in Zanesville but I know my brother Powell northwest of Columbus woke up to snow the other day. The winds were not too bad over here either. We had damage to our front light pole. The winds blew it off the top and did something to the wiring so it will probably have to be replaced. As for gardening this winter, everything outside has been put away prior to the storm. I would love to force some paperwhites over the holidays. I will have to look for some at the store. Have a great weekend!~Patti

The Sage Butterfly said...

I experience the same...when I think I am done for the season, I remember something else that needs to be done. I, too, enjoy Bernie H's spring ours are fading. Enjoy your snow,and I am very glad you escaped the wrath of this storm.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I know things are really bad in the east and we can all relate to not having electricity. I am really realizing that the growing season is over outside and now we are moving inside.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

It was a wicked storm, thanks for reminding folks to donate.
Your yellow flower is a Oenothera biennis I think, Evening Primrose.
Have a great weekend.

A Garden of Threads said...

Yes the gardening season is finished here as well. I finished raking the last of the leaves off the lawn this afternoon. They were mostly mulched and put on the flower beds and when I ran out of room there I put a lovely pile on the vegetable garden. I am now in hibernation until spring:). Have a great weekend. Jen

Sadun blogi - Satu's blog said...

Well, I'll rake this whole day. American Walnut has finally dropped its leaves! There are thousands of gigantic leaves in my garden right now. Have a great weekend, Lona!

Sunray Gardens said...

Hey Lona. I have to say on the Green Headed Coneflower that it's the thinnest stems I've ever seen on one. I had to keep looking at it because it didn't look like a Coneflower. It's very nice though.

It is sad what is happening on the Coast. I'm sure the semi's are having trouble trying to get to the stations to fill them up with gas. How sad the whole thing is. I'm hearing we are to have another Winter like last so we'll see. Stay warm.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

Leslie said...

Such pretty pictures once again, Lona. I live in Florida, so winter is planting season for me. The summer is the dormant time, the dead time. That's when I dream and plan. I think dreaming is one of the most fun parts about gardening. One way I dreamed this summer was by reading your blog.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I so don't want to turn back my clock, let's start a trend.

Love your photos of your beautiful, and even more so now that winter is coming.


Nadezda said...

Lona, I did the same: put the hoses and the soil shovel into the shed. Got the snow shovels, they will soon need.


Bravo girl. I'm with you. Let's start a No Fall Backwards revolt! :)

I've still got a ton of fall cleanup to do. I'll probably never have it done.

Janneke said...

Beautiful flower photos! The yellow 'primrose'is the Oenothera biennus. What I do to get my garden fix coming winter: - digging my vegetable garden, I shall change this in grass again, - some pruning, - non hardy plants moving to the greenhouse and when I'm finished, reading gardening books and dreaming about a new gardening season in front of the fire.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lona, I agree that it is nice to visit blogs in warmer parts of the world and get a gardening fix. Other than that, I get through winter with a steady stream of forced bulbs.

Andrew Stalham said...

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Barb Yingst said...

I love this post, when I lived in the country in Michigan those were many of the plants I would see around us. I now live in a much busier neighborhood north of Seattle and the wild areas are few and far between.
Is that a winterberry in the last photo?
I get my garden fix by growing some inside under lights and looking at summers photos and others blogs!

Barb Yingst said...

OH yes, evening primrose, I have it in my yard and the hummingbirds love it this time of year as not much else is flowering.

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

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I hope you can make it!
Kathy Shea Mormino
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