Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lovelies are Blooming in the Garden


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was a little too cool here for the swimming pools that usually open up on Memorial weekend. We had a couple mornings of near frost conditions which is unheard of here after the twentieth of May. But we have now went from the cool thirties to the eighties once again and I hope it stays this way now.

“Pink Sorbet” peonies are in bloom and I love this peony.I have a couple new ones but it looks like they are not old enough to bloom this year yet.

I wish those beautiful blooms would last longer but I am enjoying them.

Aphids have started attacking the roses by the thousands so I sprayed them with a organic insecticide soap to take care of the tiny varmints.

“Morden Blush” shrub roses were the first of the roses to bloom in the rose garden.

A hardy shrub rose with a slight fragrance and is a hardy rose to zones 4 – 9. It has a large flush of blooms in the spring and then blooms again near fall.

“Gertrude Jeykll” roses were the second to bloom  in the rose garden. A climbing rose that will bloom off and on all summer which I love about it.


Fragrant roses the will bloom on 4 to 5 feet climbing canes and is good in zones 4-9.


The next to bloom was “Midnight Blue” shrub roses.
A dark burgundy bloom with a hint of blue in them gives it its name.


It has a spicy clove scent and its clusters of blooms will continue throughout the summer. It is hardy in zones 6-10.

“Sunny” Knockout roses are also blooming and unlike the other knockout roses this one does have a scent to it. As all knockout roses do this one will bloom all summer also.
So I am a happy gardener now that the roses are starting to bloom.I am getting new blooms now from the others in the rose garden which I will share as they  bloom.

Everyone have a fabulous week and…

Happy Gardening,




Becca's Dirt said...

You have some gorgeous roses Lona. My favorites are the knockouts for summer. Aphids are eating up my roses. We have treated them so I'll see how they do. Two of my roses are looking very pitiful. What are you using on the roses for aphids?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I am in love with your peony Pink Sorbet ? it is gorgeous!
My red one "Flame" has buds the ants are loving of course .. I don't know if my new one Green Lotus will have flowers this year yet .. but I can be patient ? haha
Yes .. I am very curious to see this new echinacea bloom .. my first frilly bloomer .. I usually just have the single bloom type .. but this one caught my eye. Hope it follows through .. it is rather weird here with the weather too .. cool cloudy and then rain is coming then intense heat humidity .. lovely eh ?
My Zephirine D. took a shot from something .. had to cut her back and start her again, darn !!
Your roses look amazing ;-)
Enjoy your garden girl !
Joy : )

Stephanie said...

That “Pink Sorbet” peonie is realy something! Lona, I just woke up from a cool, rainy night. Though it will be so nice to just stay in bed, these roses and peonies have just made me want to quickly get up to start the day... they are so pretty to look at, bring wonderful smell to the nose... wow I am going to have a great day. I know it :-D Thank you Lona! So glad to see this post ;-)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

They are so beautiful...and I swear I can almost smell their fragrance through the blog post.


Anonymous said...

oooh 'Pink Sorbet' is gorgeous. Do I have room for another peony???!!! Love 'Morden's Blush' too. Looks like a great rose. I saw your previous post about frost warnings ~ I hope nothing got damaged. I know all too well how crazy this spring weather is...
I'm having trouble finding your blog?? Am I the only one?? Not sure if it's me or if you took it down for a while??
Have a great week Lona & thanks for the comment on our beloved cat. Still no luck but I'm holding out hope...


I've been picking Gertie Jekyll roses for my desk. They smell absolutely delicious. And they're pink. :)

All your flowers look lovely, as usual, Lona.

RobinL said...

Roses are indeed the best part of spring gardening. I see you have also fallen in love with the fragrant yellow Knockout roses. That scent fills my whole yard!