Monday, June 3, 2013

It is all about the Roses


It is all about the roses right now that are blooming in my Rose Garden. Splashes of color and scent is everywhere in it today.


The Rose Garden is rather new yet in terms of years but it is filing in more every year.


Walkers Low Catmint blends in amongst some of the rose bushes as a companion plant as does Dianthus and Gaillardia.

The Yellow “Sunny Knockout” Rose look so pretty with the blue of Catmint blooms.

One of my first and oldest rose bushes is this “Crimson Bouquet” Grandiflora rose. I talk a lot about it every year about this time because it is my favorite, the hardiest and the most aromatic of all my roses. It throws up bloom all summer into fall until the frosts.

I also just love the shape of this rose and you can dry the petals for the best smelling potpourri for winter fragrance in the house. I have also dried bouquets of it for some winter color. So you can see why it is a favorite of mine.

Just in front of the Crimson Bouquet is a striking rose that is in its second year in the Rose Garden. “Mustard and Ketchup” is a bright red with yellow under-petals so its name is appropriate.

It really clashes with the pink knockout roses though. LOL!
The Pink Knockout rose bush may have to be moved. I am always moving and rethinking the flowerbeds. Poor plants.

But the “Bill Warriner” Floribunda rose is a runner up and fast becoming another favorite. A compact bush and disease resistant.

It is a blooming machine and its beautiful deep peach color and petal shapes make it a beauty. The blooms last a long time and keep their color with a light scent.

“Burgundy Iceberg” is a lovely rose with a slight fragrance and it looks wonderful planted beside the….

“Melody Perfume” Grandiflora rose which is a lighter burgundy color. It has a light Damask fragrance.

(A Night Picture)
Again the Walkers Low Catmint blooms are companions for it.


“Easy Does It” Floribunda is another rose that loves to bloom away all season long. Its petals run from orange, coral and to a deeper orange color all mixed into one bloom. It has a fruity fragrance.

I have it planted beside the cream colors of the …

Gruss an Aachen” Antique Floribunda roses.
The cream and blues tame the bright colors in the Easy Does It roses.

Gruss an Aachen has a wonderful fragrance.

The New Improved Red “Blaze” Climbing rose has a pretty red bloom but it only blooms once for me so I delegated it to spot out of the Rose Garden. I like roses that bloom more than once since my property is small and I do not like to waste the space.

White “ Iceberg” Floribunda roses give me three flushes of blooms throughout the season and I love those white petals.

When the cool weather comes they for some reason it cause a pink tinge to the edges of the petals. Although I love white blooms in the garden this rose bush does tend to get black spot every year which I have to fight against.

“Bella Roma” is a Hybrid Tea and is lovely but it is stingy with the blooms after the first flush of blooms.

I did have on disaster in the Rose Garden this winter.

My “Double Delight” got froze and reverted to its grafted partner Dr. Huey and I now have not this beautiful Multicolored bloom but…

Rose_DrHuey2now only have an all red Dr. Huey rose. This has happened to me before with a yellow Irish Rose  after being frozen at the graft. I should do better with protecting my roses especially in winters where there is no snow cover to protect them from the freezing temperatures. Roses are often grafted into Dr. Huey rose stock and eventually Dr. Huey is going to win out and those red cane suckers are going to appear. It is a pretty red rose but not what it was with the Double Delight graft.

“Music Box” is a hardy shrub rose with pink and yellow blooms and deep green foliage.


“Morden Blush” is the first to bloom and is still blooming away.

And then there is “Lavender Simplicity” hedge roses.

New from last year is “Pink Lemonade” Eyeconic roses.

“Scentimental” Floribunda rose bush with its wacky red and white patterns in the petals and blooms.



“Sky’s the Limit” is a lovely yellow climbing rose.


It will throw up a few blooms throughout the season after the first flush of blooms in the spring.

Knockout roses which some rose gardeners do not care for but I love them for their constant blooms all season. I have them on pink…


“Sunny” Yellow


and a yellow and pink “Rainbow”.

“New Dawn” a climbing rose covers the old garden shed with its pale pink blooms.


In a few days the shed will host hundreds of these blooms because it is loaded with buds.

So there are a few of the roses in my rose garden with the exception of a couple who are later and now just forming buds.
I see the lilies are budding and will also soon be blooming along the woodland bed.
Color, color everywhere this time of the year. A flower gardeners delight.
What is blooming in your garden?

Happy Gardening,



Zoey said...

So many different roses. It would be hard to pick a favorite.

I have say I do like the name Ketcup and Mustard--so clever and fitting!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow Lona! What a beautiful collection of roses you have growing in your gardens. I love them all.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Balisha said...

Your garden must be like walking in Heaven.

Nadezda said...

Lona, I'm glad to find you at once!
Your roses are all beautiful, can't choose any one! Perhaps, the Iceberg!
Happy gardening!

greggo said...

Wow, you are full of rose. Literally.Nice to hear from you on the blog. you must stay busy keeping all those roses alive. Beautiful spring isn't it. My only two roses look fabulous too, A apricot drift rose which started out apricot and has faded into multiple shades of pink, and of course my favorite shrub rose, flower carpet red.


Hi Lona,

Your roses are delightful. I love every single one of them. I bet you're enjoying them too.

Don't you love how 'Walker's Low' doesn't stay low? It is really an easy plant but I sure wish it wouldn't get so tall. I'm cutting mine back.

I'm so sorry about your 'Double Delight.' It's such a fragrant beauty. Will you replace it? Fortunately they're easy to find. Mine is really struggling. If I can get one or two blossoms I'll be happy. None yet. But maybe.

I'll have to remember that the red graft is Dr. Huey. I've got a 'Therese Bunget' that is reverting quite rapidly. I keep snapping off what I believe is Dr. Huey but he is one determined guy.

I hope the weather stays pleasant for you and your roses.

Jennifer said...

I knew you had a nice selection of roses Lona, but I did not realize just how many you have in your garden. What a lovely variety of colors and flower forms! I love overall pictures with them all clustered together. The Walkers Low Catmint looks terrific in the shot with the peach, white and pink roses.

Kalantikan said...

Hi Lona, am glad you visited me as i am not aware of your new site. You are living in paradise, i wonder what maintenance you are doing to get rid of so much pests gardeners are wary for roses. And your photos are so crisp that made me so envious, and i can almost smell them. Oh heaven!

Stephanie said...

Oh Lona you have the coolest roses!! Love the colours! My neighbour was just sharing with me about the rose she is growing in her son's house. She is going to bring me a cutting. Seeing the beauty of roses from your garden makes so excited about roses all over again. Now I can't wait for that cutting to come ;-) Happy June Lona and you have a great day!

Nadezda said...

Lona, in addition.
Please, download the Google Translator!
Sometimes I need to copy the words to translate them and see"you are thief"
Thank you!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Lona, I want that Cannon Rebel so bad I can taste it. Your photo's are just gorgeous! Back again today for another look at your roses!

Jim Groble said...

What a rose collection. Pat wants a climbing rose, but we do not know where to start.

I'll have more marsh marigolds in the fall to send.


Becca's Dirt said...

Those are all drop dead gorgeous. You have a large collection of roses and I am envious. I only have Hybrid Teas and a couple of knockouts. I have to get familiar with the Floribunda variety. I can't wait till fall when I can plant more roses.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl your roses are always so stunning! .. I absolutely love them .. I wish mine would look at least a little like yours!!
Right now we are in cool wet weather so you know there won't be any beautiful girls showing up for a while .. I do have buds on my Morden Sunrise though .. so some time I will eventually see some roses ?!
Joy : )

Janneke said...

O Lona I almost missed some lovely posts about Irises and my favourites : roses. You have many of them and already in bloom. Here the first roses are just starting now. Your garden must be a place of beauty with all these gorgeous looking roses. They are all nice, but when I should choose I think burgundy Iceberg, Morden Blush and Scentimental are favourite.
Have wonderful sunny weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona,

Beautiful roses; I especially love iceberg and really miss it in my own garden. I aim to get the climbing form sometime soon as the roses on it are such a classical, perfect shape, it's just a shame it doesn't have much of a perfume but I can forgive it anyway :)

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

My goodness you have roses. So many beautiful colors and styles.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Wowsa! What an awesome display of roses! So glad to see your roses in bloom. Ketchup & Mustard is a real attention getter....