Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday in the Garden


Whoa! Where did the warm weather go already? Cool and wet here today and so many petals have been knocked off of the roses.

Aruncus Goats Beard “Misty Lace”

But there are a lot of other blooms in the garden now like this Goats Beard called “Misty Lace”. It was planted last summer after I saw so many blooming in the mountains of Virginia on a summer trip with my daughter. I loved seeing their feathery blooms brightening the roadsides up in the shady areas of the mountains so I came home and added on to my shade garden.

It reminds me of my white Astilbe’s in the garden but it will get much larger. I have a lot of shade around here so to add color Astilbe’s are just the thing.

Campanula’s are also starting to bloom and this one is spreading  close to the ground and is called “Blue Waterfall”.

The white Campanula or Bellflowers love to spread and I have transplanted so many into other areas of the gardens and along the woodland garden. It lights up the shade with its white bellflowers.

I started these purple Canterbury’s from seed last spring and they are blooming in amongst the white Bellflowers. I have never grown these before but so glad I tried them. They are bi-annuals so if any of you grow them and can give me some tips to keep them blooming please share.

For some reason only the purple seeds seem to have germinated from the mix of seeds but I love them with the white Bellflowers.

Florida Sieboldii clematis is blooming now and this is such a lovely clematis vine.

It looks pretty growing in behind the white Iceberg roses.

This is suppose to be a dark purple “Rhapsody”  clematis but this one is not it I do not think to my disappointment ?. LOL! I have a habit of receiving  mixed up plants over the years. Something seems to like gnawing on its petals.

Crimson Star clematis has been in the garden for years and just keeps getting bigger and better every year.

Poor “Josephine” clematis has been moved so many times. I think she has found a permanent spot now in the Rose Garden.

Missouri Primrose is another plant that loves to spread like wildfire.  I pull dozens out of the flower bed every year.

The variegated Weigela bush is also blooming in the front corner bed.

Also a few Foxgloves came back to bloom again. I am going to have to reseed some of these bi-annuals. I do love seeing  their old fashioned blooms in late spring.

Honeysuckle is rampant in the woods beside the garage and their fragrance flows all over the yard on the breezes.

The variegated yellow blooming “Alexander’s” loosestrife is blooming now also. The yellow blooms opening behind the leaves along the stems to peek out.

Sowing literally hundreds of poppy seeds over the last few years and having none germinating finally has me giving up on them so purchased this one and  planted it last spring.The blooms come and go so fast I about did not get a picture of this “Bolero” poppy.

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Everyone have a wonderful weekend and…

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When you sow your poppy seed, are you using slug bait? I've noticed that the slugs will eat the seedlings even before I get to see them. This could be why you're never seeing yours.

I'm pretty sure I killed my 'Josephine' clemmy. Dang. I think I must have let it get too dry last summer. Whimper, whimper. Yours is lovely as are all your bloomers. I hope the sun and warmth return soon. Have a great weekend, dear friend.

Serenity Cove said...

I wondered why you weren't updating. So I have changed your address on my blog. Looks like I have some catching up to do.
The weather is weird this year but at least I don't have to do a lot of watering. I'm thankful for that!

Betty Luckhurst said...

What a wonderfully lovely garden! Your flowers are just amazing and the colors are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love your flowers.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh Lona ~ I love all of your blooms. Walking in among your flowers must bring such joy and thanksgiving to your heart.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hello! I've found your new web home.
Love, love, love the purple and white clematis with the roses.
So many beautiful flowers at your place.
Off to check out more in your past posts.

RobinL said...

I have my Missouri primrose in a contained spot, so it's fairly well behaved here. And I do like how easily it blooms. I'm crazy about foxgloves, every year I throw some more seeds down so that I'm never without them.

A Garden of Threads said...

Gorgeous clematis Lona. Have a wonderful week:)

Nadezda said...

Lona, so many lovely blooms: white clematis, white astilbe, white Iceberg roses, white campanula...
Have a nice week!

Becca's Dirt said...

Love those clematis and I am fond of Josephine. I don't know why I have passed them up in the spring. I have to have me one and Josephine is the one I want. What a pretty poppy color. I have pulled up my plants without getting any seeds this year. Yikes! The dang plants are so ugly waiting on them to go to seed. Beautiful foxglove too. Beautiful Lona.