Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Louisiana Iris “Night Thunder”

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We have warmed back up and are experiencing thunderstorm and showers. I think it feel like April Showers around here. LOL!

Louisiana Iris “Night Thunder”



Louisiana Iris 'Night Thunder' (Richard Morgan 2000) This compact iris plant shows off its spectacular ruffled dark violet to near black standards and falls. It is velvety with bright orange steeple signal.


Loves wet areas, bogs and near ponds or water features. Mine is planted beside my little water pump fountain. So keep it watered in dry spells in the summer.  Grows about 26 inches tall.
This is its first year to bloom and I love the rich colors in it.


Grows in zones 6a to 10b. Parts of it may be poisonous if ingested.

Happy Gardening,




Balisha said...

What an unusual Iris. I like the black background...shows the flower off so well.
We just got a shower too. Humid here.

Bernie H said...

What an absolute beauty. It's such a rich beautiful colour.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh my gosh...read my post tomorrow and you will see why I am saying gotta have that plant.

Oh my that's a beauty.


Nadezda said...

Lona, stunning iris!
Dark violet color is very rare for irises.
have a nice week!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

this is a beautiful iris.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady