Friday, June 14, 2013

Yard Sales & Primping in the Garden This Week

I hope everyone came through the storms in good condition.
We were thankful for just the rain here and no high winds.
After the storms passed then the electricity went out… go figure that one out. LOL!

The achillea or yarrow plants are starting to bloom around in the garden beds and they are still standing up. This pink one is “Oretela Rose”.

“Alexander’s” variegated loosestrife is still in bloom. It does not seem to be invasive like other loosestrife plants such as the white blooming Gooseneck.

A Bidens plant was planted into a container and I have it right near my chair on the front porch where I set just so I can smell its fragrance. Bidens smell so good!

So many of my roses have the blooms knocked off now with exception of this Crimson Bouquet rose. It is another reason I love this rose. It has it all, fragrance, disease resistant, smells divine and has long lasting blooms.

“Bonica”, although not as lovely as the pictures they use to sell it, does have long lasting smaller blooms but they are just not as pink as advertised in my garden at least.

“Pink Flamingo'” is a little later to bloom but even it is now losing its petals.

Two new Pelargoniums or geraniums this year are,
“Very Rosy” on the left and a variegated one called “Wilhlem Lannguth”. I just cannot resist geraniums and add a couple new ones each spring that I have to eventually drag to the basement in the fall to overwinter. When will I learn? LOL!


The Lightneing Bugs are out now everywhere and I love looking at them in the evenings twinkling over the nearby yards and fields.
My little fella here has his own in a jar which lights up at dark.

I obtained a couple of great old two step  ladders last week from some great friends so I played around with them this week.

As you can tell I was in a playful mood and wanted funky colors to paint them. And this color did match my little birdhouse planter.
I will add other containers and tweak it up a bit. The other ladder is a flamingo pink. Smile

In the container in front of the garage I planted Some Diamond Euphorbia, Salmon Chic geraniums and Burgundy Calibrachoa petunias. I was really late getting a few planters planted this spring.

Local Rhoads Garden Center always send a $5.00 Birthday Gift Card each year so I got a red Gerber Daisy with it. Thank you Rhoads!

In my Shade Window boxes this year I planted Lime Potato Vines, New Guinea Impatiens, Molten Lava Coleus and a couple white and green Caladium bulbs. I cannot wait for them all to grow in and spill over.

In this old venue I planted Vinca and a Lectranthus vine.
Yes I am a junk repurpose gardener and I love old things. If it holds dirt or I can make it hold dirt I will use it or plant in it.  My family have learned to ask “Can you plant in this” before they throw anything away. LOL!

“New Dawn” Roses grow up over the old garden shed. They were so beautiful before the storms.

In a glass colander I got at a local  yard sale I planted some sempervivum “Red Cobweb” Hens & Chicks. Can you see the cobwebs on the tips? It looks cute setting on my potting bench.

I also got this white barstool at a yard sale and turned it into a plant holder. Now when everything grows and starts blooming this collection should look pretty. There is Lantana plants that over wintered in the basement and also vining Snapdragons. In the foot tub I have Elephant Ears and a Burgundy Potato vine. A “Chaste Tree” I over winter in the basement is also setting in behind. In the washtub is angelonia, petunias, fan flowers and potato vines. I will post more pictures as they grow in and bloom this summer. There is also a small Butterfly Bush planted in the middle which one day I hope will hide the well pipe. Smile

There are several other containers that I will post at another time.

Everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend!

God Bless and Happy Gardening,





A girl after my own heart. I love all your garage sale goodies. I have never been able to find a wash tub with the pedestal. I love yours. I'm glad you survived the storms without those terrible winds. Everything looks great Lona. Take care.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You have the sweetest statues and decorations for your garden. My gooseneck loosestrife died over the winter. Can you believe that. No fear of it spreading here. Really enjoying the yarrows too. Saw a bed last weekend in town with at least five different colors of yarrow. Need to get more colors. I have yellow and white.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hello. Me again. I forgot to mention that I tried emailing you a couple of times and it bounced back. Maybe related to your blog address change or something. Wanted to make sure you knew. Have a good weekend!

Kalantikan said...

You have lots of lovely blooms, and your shots so beautiful, but i love most that first one, make someone smile! I also love the way you recycle, we always do that too. Cans and containers find utility, and now am into cutting the mineral water gallons for my bulbs. At least they are stronger than plastic pots and lighter in weight too.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your lovely garden with so many colorful blooms and sweet artistic pieces makes me feel happy. What a joy it must be to walk around it each day. Always something to enjoy.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

elaine rickett said...

There is some lovely colour in your garden at the moment. I particularly like the collection of containers that you have shown at the end - I seem to have more and more plants in containers, each year when I get fed up with all the watering I say - that's it no more, but still find myself filling them with plants. lol.

greggo said...

Love your cottage chic garden. I have many containers, mostly galvanized, to re-purpose. Just cant seem to pull the trigger. I think I'm stuck between being a minimalist or a cottage garden. Nice blooms.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Lona dear, I know I should not covet your camera, but I do. Your pictures are always so beautiful! I heard about your storms on the news. I am glad they passed and no harm was done. Still sunny here in Southern California. Getting hotter..and hotter!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Beautiful blooms, lucky we don't have a repeat of the heat last year, at least not yet! I finally found you again.


RobinL said...

I always love comparing how similar our bloom times are. I just discovered Rhoads this spring on a field trip with the Master Gardener class. It's a hike for me, but I've been back a few times to spend my coupons. I had Rhoads bucks, that birthday coupon, and an email coupon, so I got some goodies for sure.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Great Post. We love the barstool. Love yard sales. We actually had one today!