Monday, April 28, 2014

April Showers


Hello Gardeners. Well this week is starting out to be a wet one but it is expected I guess. What I really hate to hear about is the tornadoes that have hit some of the states and the loss of lives. My prayers and heart goes out to them.

Penstemon Huskers Red
In the garden the plants are really taking off now. Like this “Huskers Red” Penstemon. I just love the leaves on this plant even without blooms. I have a couple more that I started in the trail bed to move into the beds.

Fern Ursulas Red
“Ursula’s” Red Ornamental Ferns are growing fast now in the Shade garden. I have three of them there and they add color to a shady bed all summer long.

iwai nishiki flowering quince
My little “Iwai Nishiki” Flowering Quince has a few buds on it for the first time. I was afraid the late snows would do them in but it is a hardy little shrub.

Hellebore Pink Lady
This is the first year for my “Pink Lady” Lenten Rose to bloom. It is now going toward the green tinge now.

Huechera Georgia Peach
The Heuchera’s are growing new leaves and I think my favorite is this “Georgia Peach” which is right at my front door step.

Phlox Creeping subulata
Creeping phlox subulata has some soggy blooms today and smells so good.
A check of the old Lilac bushes out on the bank this afternoon shows that the frosts and snow have killed so many blooms. I will miss their fragrance blowing across the yard. My hope now is maybe to get one bouquet to bring indoors.
In the woodland bed the irises, lilies and coneflowers are growing r well and so is the Ligularia , so all is not lost.
In the trial bed where I threw all kinds of seed in last fall more coneflowers, columbine and phlox plants are starting to grow. I am going to love adding them into the flower beds later on.
I have enjoyed visiting the garden blogs and seeing all of your gardens and plants, some of them helped me to escape the winter blahs when my garden was still covered in  snow and it is so good to see what you are adding this year to your gardens. We are always finding room for more. Smile
I hope you all are getting your gardening on and enjoying time back in the gardens.
Everyone have a wonderful week and…..

Happy Gardening,




FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy Spring Lona ~ You've got some really pretty blooms growing for you.

Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

Balisha said...

Enjoying your flowers....mine are really taking their time this year. I hope your little verse at the end is true...I want May flowers.

Patsy said...

So happy to see your garden is doing so well, We lost some plants but fun to replace them with new. Sorry about your lovely old Lilac bushes. Hope they come back.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I am listening to showers here in Kingston .. finally!
We actually need it .. things were getting dry and I just put down some fertilizer yesterday in the garden beds counting on today to rain.
Husker's Red is one of my favs too along with Ursula .. have them both.
Great minds think alike ?
I hope you get some lilacs girl .. they smell so wonderful everyone should have some right ?
Enjoy your garden but don't over do it .. I try to follow my own advice but you know how that goes eh ? LOL
Joy : )

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hello. I really like your fern and the heuchera’s. Sorry the frost got your lilacs. We're enjoying lilacs this week but may frost tonight so we'll see if they last much longer.

Janneke said...

Beautiful quote "April showers bring May flowers". You had a lot of rain so you will certainly have lots of flowers in May, your post sounds full of garden enthusiasm. We had a dry April with lots of flowers due to the mild winter. I wonder what the month of May will do with our garden. We'll be busy gardening and see.....


Hi Lona, I'm so sorry your lilac blossoms were killed. This winter has taken so many plants from us, it's heartbreaking. Fortunately you've got a lot of stalwarts that can take the winter in stride. I love your 'Ursula's Red' fern. I hope you have lots of opportunities to dig in the dirt. And no tornadoes! So scary.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

It's been cool and rainy here the last few days, too. It's good for the plants, but I'm ready for the 70s they are predicting for the next week, after the morning could bring frost.

Happy spring, Lona!

sweetbay said...

So sorry to hear about your lilacs -- this past winter was tough. It even got cold down here in NC, although not Midwest or NE cold. You asked if we'd moved -- no, still on the farm! We moved the house out of the floodplain 7 years ago.

Nadezda said...

Hi Lona!
Love your Heuchera, its dark red leaves look very healthy. All plants sprouts to sun and warmth. My ferns are still dreaming, they need more warm weather. At night we have only 5-6 C, that is enough cool temps.
Have a nice Sunday!

Linda said...

Really beautiful, Lona!

Debra Howard said...

Your garden is coming along so beautifully! I always love spring so much after such a long winter.