Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Comes


This week summer came in just one day from cool damp weather to highs in the upper 80’s and I am loving it.
It meant I could get out in the beds and finally do some weeding and get some goodies put into the beds.
I planted some Lilies, Tall Phlox, Black Mondo Grass and a Shanghai Heuchera.

Black Mondo GrassHeuchera Shanghai Night
My daughter and I went to a local Amish Greenhouse Thursday and picked out some annuals. My daughter got me two new Pelargoniums there for Mother’s Day. They had two new beauties that I had not grown before so I am glad to add them to my collection.  Thank you Shelly.
We love buying local but there are always a few plants that you have to send off to get because the smaller greenhouses here just cannot not grow all of the perennials you are wanting. Tomorrow the local Historical Society is having a yard and plant sale so we will see if I bring anything else home. LOL! 
With such warm temperatures I have to tell myself not to get in a rush planting the annuals because I know we are apt to get some more frost before the 18th of May here in the hills.
The lawn furniture has been cleaned and brought back onto the porch in anticipation of some evenings of sitting with a good book, or the Good Book, and enjoying some reading and just being outside. Later on to enjoy watching Lightening bugs lighting in the field and woods.

Dicentra Bleeding Hearts
In the garden now everything is growing fast. I always love seeing the Dicentra Bleeding Hearts blooming. Who can resist having these heart shaped blooms in the shade garden? The plants are a little smaller this year and the Alba has not bloomed yet, but I am just glad to see a lot of plants returning that I thought were killed over this nasty winter.

Copy (1) of Allium Persian Blue
The “Persian Blue” Alluims are now blooming and they look pretty against the backdrop of the lavender Creeping Phlox subulata.

Pulmonaria Diana  Clare2
Pulmonaria “Diana Clare” looks pretty and the big Bumble Bees are loving those purple blooms.

Bluebells English
English Blue Bells are starting to bloom in the shade garden….

Ajuga Burgundy Glow
along with the “Burgundy Glow” Ajuga.

Ajuga Burgundy Glow2
The Gnomes and Fairies have returned to their home under the Maple tree with freshly painted flower pots. I plan to plant some moss around in their garden and into the pots.

Primrose Primula Red
Another Primula has started to bloom a brilliant redone. See the pollen on the petals. It is flying on the winds from all the pines in the woods. Yellow dusty clouds of it can be seen in the sir. Not good at all for the sinuses and allergies.

Tulip China Town1
My tulips are lacking this spring. I planted three containers full of bulbs and not one tulip grew from them. But a couple different older ones are finally blooming.

Tulip China Town2
“China Town”  has beautiful variegated leaves but the blooms are a little strange.

Tulip Carrousel3
And “Carrousel” came back this spring. I have had both for three years so I am surprised they are still blooming.

Tulip Carrousel

Tiarella Spring Symphony

Tiarella “Spring Symphony” is smaller also this spring but I love those airy blooms in the shade garden.

In the woods the Dogwoods and Redbud trees are blooming and the fragrance is wonderful.


I want to wish all you Momma’s a beautiful Mother’s Day.

and Happy Gardening Everyone !

Until Next Time,



Balisha said...

Hi Lona,
You seem to be quite a bit ahead of us. Do you think that the squirrels got your tulip bulbs? They did here at my house. I've been trying to find out what a plant is in my garden. I brought it home from Church when we were dividing I know it's English Bluebells. Thanks.
Now, I've never seen you and have no idea what you look I feel safe in asking...Is that you in the picture, or one of your mother? I'm hoping it's you....because I finally can put you and your blog together and feel more like I know you.
Have a Happy Mother's Day,

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lona girl and WOW !
You are ahead of us with the blooming perennials but we will be catching up soon if we get the rain to go with this heat we have had.
Yes ! Summer in just one day .. from jackets to light weight tops .. to frown lines on our faces over garden dilemmas ? LOL
Have a great Mother's Day Weekend Lona : )
PS .. I am still sore from yesterday's antics in the garden.. need a rain day just to move on from that ! haha

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So looking forward to sitting out side more too. We had a couple of hot days for us. Now, back to normal. So many colors in your garden. I seem to have a lot of purple going right now.

Nadezda said...

Hi Lona!
Firstly I want to say your mother is very nice and I wish her good health and love of her family!
Love your blue flowers, especially onions
and blue bells. My tulips are blooming very little although were planted in soil, I'm afraid to plant them in pots, because of the pots freeze more than soil.Nice tulips Carrousel, I would have to buy this variety.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful beautiful! I think the fairies and gnomes are going to have an exciting time this year. You have planted some interesting plants Lona. Miss China Town is super gorgeous hehe... Happy Mother's Day :-D

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Lona ~ What a lovely post! You have such beautiful flowers!! I love that first tulip with the pale pink and green coloring. WOW!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.


VW said...

Lots of pretties in your garden right now! Enjoy your warm temperatures and Mother's Day.

Kalantikan said...

Hi, you're getting a lot of very beautiful blooms. I love most that allium against the lavender!

Lona said...

Balisha: that is a picture of my Mom. She will be 82 at the end of the month.I dug down into the pots when I was planting yesterday and the tulips bulbs were all rotten so no squirrel.

Joy: Girl that is just what I was thinking today after spending all day in the garden yesterday. Rain last night so I thought I could rest up. LOL!

GSS: I love all the purples this time of the year. All those blues that turned out to be purple. LOL!

Nadezda: I love the Carrousel tulip. I had it planted with Red tulips around them but they never came back after one year.

Stephanie: Are you laughing at my strange tulip. LOL!

Lorraine: I am glad someone likes that tulip. I love the foliage but the bloom looks strange to me. LOL!

VW: Thank you and I will enjoy this warm weather for certain.

Kalantikan: Thanks for dropping by and you have a lovely week.


Hi Lona, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. How nice of your daughter to buy you pelargoniums! Don't you love having a daughter who enjoys plants too. Beautiful Heuchera and it looks nice with the Mondo grass. I just took out a bunch of Mondo grass and put it in two pots with the yellow 'Angelina' Sedum. It was just too invisible planted in the ground. Hopefully it will show up better in a container. Your spring is coming right along. I sure hope you don't have any more frosts. Happy spring!

RobinL said...

You are so much wiser than I, Miss Lona. I like to plant warm weather annuals on veggies around Mother's Day, and this year I am paying for it. It was near 90 when I planted it, and now the nights are going down into the high 30's. I can just hear those tomato plants complaining about the cold, and my seeds are probably languishing in the cold ground. They just might need to be replaced, so we shall see. But I'm loving all your blooms! My China Town rose didn't even bloom this year, phooey.