Friday, June 6, 2014

In The Garden This Week


Hello everyone. I am hoping you all are having a wonderful week. With warm temperatures staying around now the garden is growing by leaps and bounds here in the hills.

Allium Molly

Bright yellow blooms from “Molly” Alliums are appearing in a few areas in the garden. They are multiplying each year which I love. More to divide and spread around into different beds.

Aruncus Goatsbeard2
Aruncus Goats Beard is brightening up the shady bed.

Astilbe White Silver wing
My white Astilbes are always the first of the Astilbes to bloom in the Spring. Can you spot the little Silver Wing Butterfly?

Clematis Florida Sieboldii3
The Florida Sieboldii Clematis is putting on blooms but its foliage is sparse compared to the other clematis vines I have in the garden.

Clematis Florida Sieboldii The blooms are gorgeous on this vine.

I am sad to report that my “Silver Moon” Clematis did not survive this awful winter we had. Just one of many plants I lost to the winter.

Clematis Josephine
“Josephine” Clematis is blooming now amongst its light yellow-green foliage.

Geranium Johnson Blue
The “Blue Johnson” Geraniums are really large this year. I am going to move them because they are taking over that section of the flowerbed and crowding out some other plants. That is what I get for not giving them enough room to start with and cramming in plants. Do you cram in plants too?

Rose Unknown2
Another surprise flower. Anyone who has read my blog long enough knows I have had more than my share of getting the wrong plant in orders.
Meet my “ Blue Girl” Rose……. now is it just me or is this rose not lavender? LOL! Anyone have a  guess as to what this pretty yellow rose is named?

Rose Unknown
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and week ahead

Happy Gardening,




Patsy said...

Your flowers are lovely this year we are sad to say the rain and wind has done our garden in. If it dries out some flowers could be saved. We are looking at more rain all next week.

Balisha said...

You always seem to get surprises in your orders. The yellow rose is so pretty. I didn't lose any clematis's. I guess all of mine were in pretty much sheltered places.
You know that I love Japanese Anemones...I saw them first on your blog and had to have them. I planted 6 and this year they are growing much bigger. I think that the garden that they are planted in will soon be herbs, black eyed susans, and anemones. I love them....thanks for introducing me. Balisha

Indie said...

That Florida Sieboldii Clematis is beautiful - very unusual looking! I have had my fair share in wrongly-colored plants. I guess it keeps it interesting, right? I hope if you ordered it from somewhere, they will send you the right rose! The yellow is quite pretty, at least :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I absolutely love that clematis sieboldii ! It is beautiful sparse foliage or not! Your other ones are too : )
And who always gets their spacing right ? .. not a real gardener .. we love our plants so much we want them all crowded in and happy! haha
Ah .. yes ... the mislabeled plant thing , I'm sure this is another "who hasn't had that happen?" .. it is a pretty rose but knowing you were looking for almost an opposite colour .. a bit tricky eh?
Things are getting dry here but rain is in the forcast so I may escape the hose run for a few days if it is right .. but I don't mind really .. the garden is beautiful and if it needs a drink I can do that! haha
Gorgeous garden Lona as always girl!
Joy : )

Nadezda said...

I love astilbe and wait for their blooming, but mine are not in hurry this summer, Lona.
Your clematis Florida is stunning! I envy you!
About your yellow rose: it maybe 'Amber' rose. You could see on Helpmefind site.

Anonymous said...

omg ~ Florida Sieboldii clematis is GORGEOUS!! Love it. You always have something unique and special to share Lona!!!


Years ago when I worked at a nursery, Clemmie 'Seboldii' was in stock. I should have got it. I've kicked myself ever since. Beautiful.