Friday, June 20, 2014

This is Just All Wrong


Hello gardeners. Well the heat is on but I am not going to complain at all after this winter so I will just wipe beads of sweat and move on. LOL!

Rose Mr Lincoln

Well the hits just keep coming in the Rose Garden. Remember the Blue Girl rose that turned out to be a questionable Yellow  Rose from the last posting.
{Thank you Nadezda for the identity that it may be 'Amber' rose}.
Well this beautiful velvet red rose was suppose to be a ‘Chicago Peace’ rose.

Rose Mr LIncoln2

I know, right! Now you know why I am fast becoming the “Queen of the Mixed-up Plants”.
It is beautiful though so I cannot complain. It might just be a ‘Mr. Lincoln’ rose instead??  Maybe I should move it to the Red bed.

Copy (1) of Penstemon Huskers Red
Speaking of the Red flower bed, “Huskers Red” penstemon  is blooming there. I just made this bed two years ago and it is filling in very well this year. I call it the Red Bed because I have lots of red Bee Balm, Cardinal Flowers, Phlox, Lilies, Valerian, Dianthus and….

of course I have a little red step ladder in it. This year I planted two red rose bushes into it… well I think they are red but with the way things are going they could bloom just any ole color. Smile 
But not to worry about it now. If one is not red I have that Red Chicago Peace to move into it. LOL!

clematis crimson star
The Crimson Star clematis is just loaded this spring. I wonder why it is named Crimson when it is a purple. Hey wait! Maybe it is not Crimson Star after all!!

Foxglove Yellow
In the Shady bed this yellow Digitalis grandifloa D. ambigua Foxglove.

Foxglove Yellow2
It is a perennial type that last longer than the other biennial Foxgloves. It is spreading wonderfully and lights up this spot shade area of this bed.

Lily Stella De Oro Hemerocallis Stella de Oro Hemerocallis is always the first of the daylilies to bloom in my garden. This lily is just so rugged and easy to grow. I have divided them so many times and now they bloom in several places in the garden and woodland beds.

Loosestrife Alexanders Variegated
Continuing along the yellow line, this is Lysimachia punctata, “Alexander” Loosestrife. I love its variegated foliage which is pretty all season long after the blooms have been spent, and it is not an invasive loosestrife in my garden anyway. I have it in part shade and it is doing well there.

Widows Tears
Widow’s Tears, Spiderwort or Tradescantia is also blooming in the shady beds. I have these stuck in several areas in the yard because I have many shady areas.They come in several colors.

Widows Tears2
It  been so enjoyable this spring in the garden, even with all of  the many garden chores of  pulling weeds, planting, digging and laying of many bags of mulch. It just feels good to be out in nature and very fulfilling to look at all you have worked so hard at growing and creating  those beautiful colors of blooms and textures throughout the yard. I have scattered so many seeds this spring in the woodland bed and other beds to try to get more color and it will be fun to see what seeds can grow and survive in this clay ground.

Fairy Garden
There have been a lot of losses in the beds after this winter, and those plants that you have to move because they just did not grow like you thought they would or look just right even with all the planning, and in my case some mixed up plants that will have to be moved later, but that is the way of gardening and we gardeners are always adding, tweaking and creating.
I hope you all enjoy your gardens and if it is becoming more work than pleasure then maybe you need to downscale some big ideas you had of taming the whole yard in one summer and take them on in steps instead.  Forget the rules and neighbors and just build a garden that pleases you and what pleases your senses. We need to enjoy what we are doing and take time to set amongst the flowers.
Everyone have a great weekend and week ahead and…

Happy Gardening,




Patsy said...

Love your garden beds so many beautiful flowers. I really like the yellow foxglove. I need that in my flower bed.

Balisha said...

I swear, if there's a mixup in colors...Lona is the one to handle it.No matter what the color...your gardens are always beautiful. Good advice at the end...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lona girl !
Your flowers are so beautiful no matter the names .. but I certainly "get it" when you buy a specific plant you expect for it to BE that plant you bought and planned for!!
Hey ... I love the fairy garden with those too cute mushrooms : )
And you are so right about not trying to "fix" things all in one go .. I am dead tired and sore from doing stupid things like that.
I need to take your advice girl!!
Thank you : )

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The fairies are so cute. I like the little mushrooms below around the container too. I've been trying to get a red bed too but the drought is putting that on hold. I like the red ladder tucked in there. I need to find a cool red piece for mine.

Joe Todd said...

Good morning and what a beautiful garden

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I 'love' all of your blooms, even if some are misnamed.

I never knew that spiderwort was also known as 'widows tears'. I love these and they spread all over the place.

I hope you have a great weekend puttering in your gardens. Just remember to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Indie said...

Oh, I love that little red stepladder - so cute! I always worry about where to put things, but tell myself that at least plants can be moved! Oh my, you do seem to have quite mixed up luck with those plants. At least they are quite pretty! Your ending advise is very wise. With a new garden and yard to do, I want to do everything when, of course, it is not possible. We need time to enjoy the garden, too!

Janneke said...

Lona you are so right that we have to forget the rule and so on. For years I had open garden days in summer and I always wanted to have it perfect but I am getting older and I have to downscale my ideas and work.
Your deep red rose, I think it is Mr. Lincoln,is such a beauty! You have lots of flowers too in your garden, I like the ´Huskers Red´Penstemon which I lost over the years. The soft yellow Digitalis is a gem too.
Enjoy yourself in your lovely summer garden!

Nadezda said...

Hi Lona!
Your Crimson Star is wonderful and looking at this color I think it maybe 'Jackmanii' clematis, judging its color, isn't it?
I love your tradescantia, I have only blue one. The snails like it very much so I moved it in a sunny spot from a shady.
Have a nice weekend!

Gardens at Waters East said...

Nice to visit today. I have a number of the same plants growing here along the shores of Lake Michigan. Nice seeing them in your area. Jack

RobinL said...

You have the worst luck when it comes to mislabeled plants! Do you know that has never happened to me? I planted one of those perennial foxgloves last year, but it was one of the winter casualties. Regardless of the proper title of that rose, it's gorgeous!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, your roses are always beautiful no matter what color! I have the same foxglove but mine has not spread in years, obviously in the wrong place.


Unknown said...

That red rose with the pretty!!
I feel my garden is still so behind...just irises in bloom and most of my daylilies are just scaping now even though our daylily show (club meeting) is 2 days away!
That yellow foxglove has been on my wish list but hadn't seen any for sale this spring.

Have a great gardening summer, Lona!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lona.
What a winter, huh? I'm glad I wasn't the only one who lost a lot of plants. Let's hope next winter is milder & shorter. Some losses I'm just now discovering since I wasn't in the garden much early on. The perennial foxglove is one of those casualties. boo hoo. I loved it and it was reliable here for years. I think I'll try to find another. I would never even try to make a single color bed because I'd never get it right!! Good for you for being so ambitious. I think everything looks great there, mix-ups or not. Guess what? I'm going to have a fabulous display of 'Elodie' lilies this year (thanks to you for inspiring me to order them!)
They are loaded with buds and about five feet tall!!!!


Hi Lona, It is a bit unnerving when a plant turns out to be something different than what the label says, isn't it? I really like the deep red of this rose though so, although you wanted yellow, maybe red isn't too bad. I really like the color of the clemmy too. And your fairy garden is adorable. I hope you have fun in your garden.