Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It Is All About The Lilies


Lily Wild Horses Hemerocallis
Wild Horses Hemerocallis

Lilium Garden Pleasure Orienpet3
Garden Pleasures Orienpet. The fragrance is so strong!

Lily Going Bananas
Going Bananas Hemeorcallis

Lily Hemeorcallis Burgundy Glow
Burgundy Glow Hemerocallis

Lily Hemeorcallis Dainty Dancer
Little Dancer Hemerocallis is s tiny one.

Lily Hemeorcallis Prairie Blue Eyes
Prairie Blue Eyes Hemerocallis

Lily Asiatic Elodie
Unknown Asiatic. I think it is my Elodie going wonky.

Lily Hemeorcallis Stephanie Returns
Stephanie Returns Hemerocallis


Lily Hemerocallis Daring Deception
Daring Deception Hemerocallis

Lily King Porcelain Hemerocallis
King Porcelain Hemerocallis

Lily Little BUsiness2
Little Business Hemerocallis

Lily Lolipop Hemerocallis
Lollypop Asiatic

Lily Oriental White
White Oriental

Lily Yellow Oriental
Yellow Oriental

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures my camera is finally going kaput.

Everyone have a safe a wonderful July 4th



Happy Gardening,



Nadezda said...

Lona, beautiful collection of lilies! The first one is amazing and also I liked Porcelain and Burgundy glow.
Happy July 4th, hope you will have a nice holiday!

VW said...

Very lovely! I have a few Asiatic and Orienpet starting to bloom, but none of the daylilies except 'Stella d'Oro' are opening yet. Lots of buds on the way, though. Love those lilies!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I'm getting lily envy. So pretty. Mine are just budding. Have a great Independence Day!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

The photos of your beautiful lilies look great to me. What a lovely collection you have.

Have a great 4th.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl Happy 4th to you !
belated ... oops ! LOL
I love your lilies ! .. you are ahead of me with them blooming .. I have the new Black Eyeliner ones I am excited to see ... I moved a load of day lilies for a mass planting next to the side of the house all reds and purples (yes I know .. odd combination eh ? LOL)
Hopefully next week the new back fnece will be in and the pathways will start .. fingers crossed.
Your pictures are beautiful girl !
Joy : )

RobinL said...

I can always count on you for a lily-fest! And that's good, because I have zero daylilies, and only a few regular lilies. I do love them, but for some reason they rarely get planted by me. Hmmmm. Gorgeous!


My camera recently bit the dust too after 3 years. I guess that's as long as you can expect them to last these days. Fortunately lily bulbs and daylilies can last much longer. Yours are fabulous. My daylilies are abloom but my Orientals haven't quite gotten there yet. I really like the pink and white 'Lollypop.' Have a great week.

Janneke said...

You have so many beautiful lilies and as I see no lily beetles at all. Wonderful pictures.

Zoey said...

What a fine collection, Lona. Love Wild Horses!

Karen said...

Hi Lona, it's trying hard to hail (I hope not though!) and I'm in the house looking at your beautiful lilies. Hail is never a good thing and especially not during lily season. I am in awe of your lily collection, they are just gorgeous.

How have you been? I think of you so often!

Serenity Cove said...

Gorgeous! Wish I knew the names of mine.

Anonymous said...

You have some beautiful lilies Lona. Sorry your 'Elodies" have quit blooming double. I didn't know they did that?? boo hoo. I will not be happy when that happens here. I have zero day lilies. I have been thinking about why lately but haven't come to any conclusions! Enjoy the rest of July ~ I can't believe there's only a week left. It's flying by way too quickly for me.

Balisha said...

Your blog wouldn't let me post comment on the new post...Oh well, I loved it. I mentioned you on my blog today. Maybe you can take a look...Balisha