Thursday, August 28, 2014

In the Garden



Well this month is just about gone and it went flying by for me. Blogging has not even been on my mind lately. Just too much happening here with the family. We worked for four days getting my 82 year old moms water and sewage working. We were glad it was finally working and then our commode started leaking. LOL!
Did you ever have one of those weeks. My printer quit working, the vacuum is ready to stop working all together and now the transmission on the car is slipping. And the camera is slowly dying on me as I mentioned before, and I feel like crying or throwing it across the yard. Or do I just need to have my eyes checked.
It has been a while.  LOL!
Yet in all this I am still blessed because it is all just material things and cannot compared to all the things that are going on around the world and here in the states.
Excuse the venting gardeners.

Now to the garden………

Echinacea Spangled Fritillary Butterfly2
The lilies are almost finished blooming here but my sad looking roses are getting a few more buds since the nights are cooler.The daylight hours are getting less gardeners and I am not happy seeing the days getting shorter.

Zinnia Cherry Swizzle
The “Cherry Sizzle” Zinnias are just now blooming just as the tall phlox  blooms are blowing away.

Phlox panticula Nora Leigh
This ‘Nora Leigh’ panticula variegated phlox is the last to bloom.
I hate to see the phlox blooms fade away. In my last posting they were in their glory.

Windowboxes Shade
The shady window boxes are looking pretty filled with Caladiums, Impatiens, Torenia and Creeping Jenny.  Thanks for the plant suggestions you all gave me to get these shady boxes looking pretty. I love this mixture. I am wondering if the Creeping Jenny will survive in the boxes through the winter freezes to grow again next spring?
I will leave them in the boxes and find out. My other window boxes that are in full sun are starting to look sad but it will soon be time to put pansies in them for fall.

Cardinal Flower Red
Red Cardinal flowers are still blooming in the red garden bed. I love this flower and need to seed more of them. Maybe getting some blue ones to add to the beds next spring.
My “plants to get” list is never ending. How about yours?

Daisy Crazy Dazzy

The double blooming ‘Crazy Daisy’s  are gone now and

Daisy Shasta
the Shasta Daisies are slowly fading in the beds and need trimmed.

Rudbeckia and


Helenium now are filling in some spots with their fall colored blooms.

In the woodland bed the Ligularia are blooming now.

Dahlias grown from seed are blooming away in this large container. I have better luck with the seeds than I do the bulbs. None of my bulbs are growing or blooming this year.

Dahlia Bumblebee
I have a Cardinal Vine growing in this pot  with the dahlias. But I have not gotten the camera to cooperate with me yet to get a good picture of the Cardinal vines blooms or the Japanese Anemones that are blooming now in the garden.

Gladiolus Atomic2
This “Atom” Gladioli is a little stunner. I am not fond of growing gladiolas because they always break for me. This one did just that after I got a picture of it while it was raining.

Hibiscus Lord Baltimore4
The Lord Baltimore Hibiscus blooms are fading now also.
Where has this summer gone? Smile

The Japanese beetles loved my hibiscus…

Rose of Sharon Burgundy2
They are fond of Rose of Sharon blooms also by the way.
I have to tell you that they were few in numbers this year around my garden and I did not miss them munching my roses and other blooms.

Petunia Heavenly Blue
Another flower I tried this summer was this ‘Heavenly Blue’ Petunia. This picture does not capture the blue in them very much but I like this one so much that I will be saving some seeds from them.

Lily Resurrection Lycoris squamigera Naked Ladies
The shameless “Naked Lady” or “Resurrection”  Lycoris squamigera lilies have come and gone with only the stems to tell that they were even here.

Impatien BasketImpatien Box
There are always basket and containers of Impatiens stuck around in those shady spots of my garden.

So this is some of the things that have bloomed or are blooming in the garden.

Glass Mushroom

Everyone have a safe and lovely holiday weekend and….

Happy Gardening,



Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

At least you have beautiful flowers to look at with all the other troubles lately. Looking good.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You always have such lovely blooms in your gardens.

I'm sorry for all the problems with plumbing, car and camera. When it rains, it sometimes pours. Things hopefully will get better.

I hope you have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Patsy said...

You still have lots of pretty flowers and the colors are a delight. We are just keeping things alive it has been so dry and hot this year.

Balisha said...

I'm with you on not wanting the summer to go so fast. I see signs of fall everywhere now. Your flowers are so pretty....even as things are starting to fade.
Have a nice holiday weekend,

Nadezda said...

“Cherry Sizzle” zinnia is wonderful Lona!I did not plant zinnias this spring and thought I have to start them in next year. I also love the window boxes, they look so fresh. You used Caladiums, I've never seen it outdoors and it's a good idea, thanks!

Jeri Landers said...

Everything looks wonderful, especially the window boxes. I grew red cardinal flowers this year along with the blue. The Blues are sensational, you must get some! Hope to see you at the CLF in a few weeks!

Zoey said...

You have so many lovelies still in bloom. I enjoyed seeing the Ligualria -- so different from my variety.

Love the shade containers.

I also like the cardinal flowers. I had them, but they were not that hardy in my garden. I have never seen the blues.

I hope next week is a better one for you!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl .. all of these "things" going wrong may not be the most important in your life .. but wow! girl that is a lot to handle and I do feel for you .. everything seems to go at once at times .. my fingers are crossed they behave themselves for you!
Your flowers are gorgeous!!
I want to grow dahlias and zinnias but the bugs here eat them alive.
You have so many pretty combinations .. and that creeping Jenny (of which I have a lot of) might just survive, so see what happens !
Yes ... this summer flew by and I have yet to have the stone work done .. BIG sigh ! LOL
Have a nice relaxing time for what is left of this long weekend!
You NEED it !!
Joy : )

RobinL said...

For some reason, the Japanese beetles have decided to leave me alone for the last few years. I squashed three of them this year, and that was it. You have so many gorgeous beauties there Lona. Whew! I know we are always sad when summer starts to fade away. Guess we'd better savor it while we can!

Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

What beautiful blooms in your garden and your window boxes look great! I'm not sure how cold winter is in your area, but here in the UK Creeping Jenny survives through to Spring. I always mix it with my winter bedding plants.


The answer to your question is yes! My plant wish list, never ends. I'm always searching for more. It's such a happy addiction. :) Your flowers look amazing. I love the planter boxes with the Caladium and flower combo. My 'Nora' Phlox is also just finishing up. I love that plant.

We have to enjoy every second of the remaining nice weather. It's almost over. Booo.

myomyohi said...

Everything looks great. I hope your streak of bad luck is over.

Beth said...

Your garden is really beautiful, Lona. I enjoyed seeing your stunning images - you are a good photographer!