Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Whimsical Garden Containers


We are having our January thaw right now and all the ice and snow is about melted. Making room for more is my guess. Smile

Most of you who have been following my blog for a few years have come to know that I love containers that are out of the norm for planting flowers.


My family knows this all to well and now they never throw anything away without asking me if I want it to plant flowers in.
They know if it holds dirt then it is a candidate for my garden.

I think baskets are my favorite container for planting flowers into and sticking them around everywhere, even on the sides of the trees to add a touch of color in the shade.
Granted the wicker baskets do not last long out in the weather but you can pick them up in any thrift shop cheap.
I know I am not alone in the container garden whimsy idea as evidenced looking at several of my gardening friends gardens. Some of you have the touch for finding that just right whimsical container for their garden.
Being a fan of Pinterest I have found that there are no bounds  when it comes to garden containers. Some of the ideas bring my own to shame.

I love this idea of adding vines to dress up this rusty slat barrel with hanging plants.

A world where dust pans are not just for collecting scraps.

Two hanging baskets put together becomes a hanging Fairy garden.

Even the tiniest container can be your water garden …

or succulent garden.


No longer have that parakeet because you forgot the pan was not under it when you left the cage and it flew away ?
(Yes I really did that one).
No problem. Just add soil, plants and a little water.

And those shoes that pinch your toes and are out of style. Nor can you ever wear that bridesmaid dress again anywhere.
Thank goodness!

The kids always hated taking lunch in a lunchbox to school because their friends never did and they wanted to be like them.

Finally a use for that old bread box in the basement.
Well the truth is I still use my old wooden one.

That old bench you are afraid to set on because it may fall through and you will be seen on your backside with your feet pointing to the heavens for all the world to see.

My gravy was always too lumpy to chance displaying it in a pretty gravy boat anyway so why not fill it with something pretty and tasty too.

container 11
Take that you old finger smasher!

Plant your drawers girls!

We all have leftover paint buckets stuck around.

Old light shades make pretty hanging baskets.

And as such is in my case… too poor to take a trip. Smile
Well you get the idea.
The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to flower containers.
Do any of these get your gardening juices flowing?
Do you have that favorite whimsical container in your garden?

Everyone have a great week and………

Happy Gardening,



CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I have always admired your containers .. they always look so beautiful and lush. You have such a great imagination to create new ones ..
I try to have just a couple because watering can be such an issue with me .. but oh ! when I see all these pretty ones it does make me drool !
Wonderful post girl : )
PS .. January is almost over !!!!

Indie said...

So many cute ideas! I saved my kids' rain boots from last year that are now too small, and am determined to plant them with something this spring! I don't keep a lot of containers because I'm not the greatest at watering, but I think they would be so cute. I love seeing pictures of moss and flower laden benches and chairs. So pretty, and I don't actually sit much in the garden anyway!

Patsy said...

What fun, They are all great and just look lovely. Wish I could do many of them.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Those are fun. This year, I'm planning to fill the containers again. Can't wait!

Stephanie said...

I want that hanging fairy garden, Lona! Every container is so cool. Love them all. Yeah the wicker basket is a no no here. The material rots too easily here in our humid weather. Enjoy this post a lot. Thank you :-D

Nadezda said...

Hi Lona, love all these ideas. Especially of shoes and old bread box! I'd choose some containers that are not small because of watering. The very small ones need to often be watered.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Oh! What a post, Lona! I want to go plant something right now! Although, now I have a guilt - why, but why I threw away a pair of old Italian leather shoes?

BHSullivan said...

What great ideas! I'm starting a container garden in my tiny studio and love the idea of using found objects as my containers. Now I just need to select the right flowers... so I downloaded this new app called LikeThat Garden. You can take a photo of a flower I like and it identifies the species and shows similar flowers you may like. Thought you all might enjoy it too: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/likethat-garden-flower-identification/id957861141?mt=8

RobinL said...

Well Lona, I think you have challenged yourself to coming up with some new containers next year! My goodness girl, you must spend an awful lot of time watering. I've recently vowed to try LESS container gardening next year to cut down on the constant hose-dragging battle. We'll see if I stick to it....