Monday, January 12, 2015

Deep Freeze


Hello everyone! I hope your weekend went well and your week ahead does not get too snowy or cold.

Jan 6 2015
We finally got a big snow here in the hills. Whoops, I need to get the heater in the birdbath.

Elf Hats 1_6_2015
The kids had pointy hats and were getting covered by the six inches of snow we received last week.

Jan 6_2015
I was thankful for all this snow because we dropped into a deep freeze right after receiving it. All this snow was a welcome insulation for the plants in the flower beds. We got down to –3 degrees with wind chills that were unbearable when you stepped outside the house.

Scruffy Looking 1_6_2015
As usual Aspen loved all the snow and I have to make him come in. I am afraid he is going to get frost bite on his little nose. Smile

Curled Tight 1_6_2015

The leaves were curled up tight on the giant Rhododendron bushes trying to protect themselves from the freezing temps.

Indoors the amaryllis are starting to sprout and I will be anxious until I can see them bloom.
I started receiving seed catalogs this year before Christmas so now I am going through them trying to decide what to grow this spring and what seeds to start indoors. I better be getting my seeds ordered because it will be time to start them soon.


Everyone have a wonderful and safe week.



Indie said...

Oh my goodness, I just love that cartoon!! Seed Acquisition Disorder - that's what I have! I've been busy perusing the catalogs, but need to start ordering as well. So hard to choose sometimes, as there are just so many beautiful plants to choose from!

Patsy said...

You sure did get it!
Cute post

RobinL said...

I was thinking the same thing Lona. I was so glad we got some snow just before the deep chill arrived. We got about 4 inches here, but it was enough to close all the schools. Luckily I had nowhere to be that day, so I just hunkered down at home.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

And, I just ordered seeds!!! Cold here too. Not as snowy though!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Brrrr! I don't see how dogs love playing in the snow like they do. I wonder what it is that delights them so.

Happy Garden planning ~ FlowerLady


Hi Lona.

Aspen looks so sweet with his white whiskers and nose. Brrr! I can't even fathom -3. I hope you're keeping warm and I hope you're having fun with those seed orders. I am SO ready for sunshine and blue sky. Take care my friend.

Joe Todd said...

We are one day closer to Spring....