Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Decorating


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know for some it is hard but I hope you had good thoughts and smiles.
We had a good Christmas here even though we are small in number these days.

Christmas2 2014
Mom has Alzheimer's and was more interested in the bags of candy but she enjoyed herself. Smile
Aspen’s gift was not wrapped but it did not take him long to get that new Bear out of the bag, and to find the squeaker either. We have our Christmas on Christmas Eve every year and always go out and have pizza for some strange reason. Then come back and have a gift exchange. I cook dinner on Christmas day then but Mom wants to stay home so I send out a plate. We wonder how long it will be now before I have to move in with her and stay because she is failing fast now it seems. I am so thankful that my daughter lives right beside of her and has nursing training.
We left town after having our pizza and got home to find out that a tornado had touch down near where we had been but no one was injured so God is good.
We have had a mild winter so far but they are saying this coming week will be very cold and some snow is coming with the colder temps. I have enjoyed the mild temperatures. It was 58 degrees this morning with rain when I got up, but the temperature has been falling during the day. I am not going to complain after last winter.

As for New Year’s …. this girl slept right through it. What can I say, some evenings I cannot keep my eyes open. This gal is getting old. LOL!

After taking down the Christmas decorations it always looks so bleak around the house and on the front porch so I like to decorate just for winter every year.


I get out the snowmen and stick them around everywhere inside the house and outside too.
My latest acquisition is this 5 foot tall wood snowman that I picked up at a local Traders Day this Fall. He is so happy and doesn’t he just make you smile.

Winter Porch4 2015
I picked up some white pine boughs at a clearance sale at JoAnne's after Christmas and put them in a crock and added some blue branches and a blue lighted bow. There are also lighted blue and white branches in the crock so it looks lovely at night.

Winter Porch2 2015
A blue throw with white snow flakes on it is thrown over my wicker rocker. So it is a very country looking corner on the front porch. It lifts my spirits when I go out at night or when I walk Aspen.

Winter Porch3 2015
But here in Ohio we decorate for everything. My family from Tennessee says they never seen so many decorated house until they came up here. LOL!

Everyone have a wonderful week and stay warm and safe.



Balisha said...

My mom had alzheimer's too. Dad took care of her for 10 yrs.My brother and I helped as much as we could, but Dad did most of her care. She loved getting packages...she liked the wrapping more than the gift.
A very sad disease. Harder on the family. Just treat her with love and take care of yourself too.
Hugs, Balisha

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hello! So nice to hear from you again. Sounds like you have some sweet Christmas traditions. Our holiday season was very nice. Scary about the tornado. Glad you were all good.
I have my snowmen up still. I put away the rest of the Christmas decorations, but left the snowmen for something cute. I need more snowmen.
Take care!!

Patsy said...

Glad you had a good Christmas, we didn't make it to see the New Year in like you.
Sorry about your mother, my mother had Alzheimer's and it was so sad for all of us to see her change to different stages.
Have missed you blogging.
We had 19 this morning and by Wed. it is going to 9 at night.

Zoey said...

Love your 5ft snowman. I bought the exact same white boughs from Joanne's. I used them on my table for Christmas. Enjoy your warm weather -- it's below zero in northeastern lower MI this week...brrr............

Diana Studer said...

today, as my mother taught me, I took down the Christmas decorations. Reading your post, my home feels 'undressed'.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Happy New Year Lona girl !
I know .. a few days late eh ? .. hey yu are SO not alone in sleeping through the big night .. our generation does it every year I think but most won't admit to it? LOL
I love your winter decorations : )
My little Charlie Brown Xmas tree is still on the front step so he will stay there for a while.
We are going down to the deep freeze and we have to go out tomorrow as it is .. so I will be a giant popsicle by the time I get back home .. haha
I'm sorry about your mom .. that can be a lot of stress .. so you have to look after yourself girl, take time out to relax and occupy your mind with garden planning to shake off the winter blues too !
Lets hope this winter won't be so long ... we can always hope, right?LOL ...
Take care !!
Joy from the frozen north !

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona!
Happy New Year! I feel exactly the same way as you about everything being bleak and bare after taking down the Christmas decorations. I guess that explains why mine are still up?!!!! Your snowmen are perfect fill in's until you haul out some Spring. Already can't wait.
You have a lot of responsibility taking care of your Mom. I'm a caregiver too although (knock on wood) I don't have any experience with Alzheimer's. It's a wonderful thing you are doing tho and your Mom is blessed to have you too.
I would be happy to send you a cutting of the 'Apple Blossom' Pelargonium, if you'd like another? I want to read up on how to do it but it can't be that hard, right?? I figure the way they arrived here, with hardly any roots or anything, I should be able to do just as well. or at least I hope!
Lucky you having a mild winter. It feels like it's been cold and snowy here for quite a while.

Linda said...

Your photos are lovely.

RobinL said...

We were in Michigan when we heard about that tornado, and it was just the oddest thing! I'm glad that no one was hurt.