Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goodbye Mums, Hello Winter

Yesterday morning we woke up with a dusting of
snow up here in the hills. It always amazes me that we
have snow up here and down below us in the hollow
there is none. That was the way it was yesterday
morning on my way into town. We do not have the
mountains as in other states which collect snow before
their valley's do, but I guess our hills here are high enough
that they get the same effect.

We always collect more snow
in the winter here and it was difficult when working in town
eleven miles away and trying to explain the amount of
snow we had at home. We get that 'look' and an "Oh,Yeah?"
So you would risk it all to make it into work no matter
how deep the snow for fear of not being believed if you
had to call off for the day. Thank God my dad had a
four-wheel drive truck. Then the ones that lived in town
who called off would get the "She made it in, so why can't
you" speech and I got the dagger looks from the workers
who tried to call in. ;-) A no win situation some days.

The sun came out and that covering of snow was
just a memory but we had snow flurries all day.

This morning we had our second snow covering.
There was just about an inch coating on everything.
I did not travel off of the hill so do not know how
much they had in the valley but they had to at
least got a dusting as cold as it was outside.

So like a little kid I had to go and play in the snow for awhile.

My poor hardy mum's can finally call it quits and now go to
sleep for the Winter.

These Brambles looked so pretty with their colorful
leaves with the snow clinging to them.

Most of the pines in the Hocking Hills Parks area
around my house are Hemlock's and they always
look so beautiful with a coating of snow.

The berries on these brier's are now standing out
for the birds to find.

The field across the road that went through so many
leaf changes this Fall is now painted white this morning.


Northern Shade said...

The first snows are always the ones that bring back that sense of wonder and enjoyment for me. Everything looks so fresh and clean sprinkled with icing. Then later, the sense of wonder disappears as I grow tired of trudging through the snow for too many months. However, I always love the look of snow on conifers.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Such lovely, and peaceful shots. Hard to believe it could be so cold, and snowy. Here we still have the roses blooming, although it is cool. Our snow will come, most likely in December.....
And I know what you mean about making it in to work. I used to have a hour long drive from the country to the city. It took over 4 hours in the snow. My boss held me up as a example to all, how embarrasing. Then he sent me home for the day. LOL. So actually I would have been much better just not coming in.


Amy said...

Isn't it amazing what a little difference in elevation makes? I often see snow on the tops of the hills across our valley, while all we had was rain.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Northern Shade: Yes the first snows are always exciting. If we had snows like those in Canada and in other colder states than Ohio we would soon tire of also. Seems when I was a kid our winters were colder and we had more snow.

Amy: yes, exactly that is the way it does here. Since I am retired I enjoy seeing the snow more because I do not have to go out into it.

Jen:Enjoy your roses while you can. Winter is just starting and I miss my flowers already. I did bring more indoors this year since I have a small indoor greenhouse stand.

Barbarapc said...

What lovely pictures - first snow is always magical. So white, so pretty and just enough to enhance everything that it covers.

Sue said...

I am sitting at my computer with a t-shirt, and two sweatshirts on, still cold, and looking at your snow pics made me shiver! Thanks for leaving me a message at blotanical. I am just now looking around there, and figuring out you get messages there! I want to read more of your blog later, after I answer my messages.

lostlandscape said...

It's so interesting to read your posts from the bottom up, from the earlier ones to the later ones. Seeing the dramatic onset of winter after seeing all those gorgeous leaf colors almost comes as a shock! Beautiful, though...