Monday, September 21, 2009

Backwood's Festival 2009

Saturday was a beautiful day here in the Ohio.
The sun was shining bright and with temperatures
in the upper 80's it was a perfect day to visit the
Backwood's Festival near Thornville.

I vow never going again on a Saturday because
the 60 acre festival was packed out with visitors.
There were ingenious crafts for everyone and
Autumn decor in abundance.

I did not get any pictures of the crafts this time
around but there were some of the regulars and a
new clever ideas.

There were Mums, pumpkins, Indian corn, and
gourds for sell at great prices.
Since I did not get many new pictures because
a lot of the crafter's had "No Pictures" signs posted,

I will go into the archives and post the pictures of the
regular crafts and items that were there again.

Talk about Pumpkins.

Flower Rooting containers.

Talk about recycling soda cans. Aren't they gorgeous?

Recycled crafty birdfeeders and glass flowers.
The glass flowers they had for this year were
even prettier.

Fairy Gardens made from hypertufa.
I want one so badly ;-).

And hypertufa Toadstools.

A section was dedicated to early American re-en-actors.
An a giant corn maze.
And food to tempt everyone. All of the trails led
back to the middle where the food was.
Live Bluegrass bands to entertain.
All in al lit was a great day and loads of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ Crafters don't want you taking photos? Hmmm... that seems kind of odd but I guess they figure someone might take their idea and run with it. Someone like me. LOL. I especially love the recycled bird feeders and the hypertufa toadstools. What a fun day it must have been.

Darla said...

I bet it was crowded on such a beautiful Saturday. I am glad you went, love the mums!!! Interesting crafts from last year. No photos...guess they are tired of people copying their ideas....

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Lona, how fun! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I love the barn chute with the beautiful mums! Looked like a GORGEOUS day!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Lona! Hand hummered aluminium giftware is new for me!Interesting!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How fun and a good way to get in the mood for Fall. There are some really neat crafts, love the fairy garden and toad stools! Wish I was that creative.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks for the tour Lona. The displays are spectacular! The recycled products are exceptionally attractive and so are the pretty blooms!

JOE TODD said...

Very well done. Really was a great time. I like the way you framed your photos. Looks like we got there about the same time

Anonymous said...

Why oh why have I never gone to this? It sounds great! I like bluegrass music too. Next year! Did you buy anything? Were those hypertufa toadstools expensive? I'd love to have one in my garden.

heather @ what's blooming this week said...

I love fall. Love the hypertufa toadstools. Were there any elves under them?

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Looks like a great fair!

Barb said...

That looks like a fun fair. I love all the crafts and mums are great. I would love one to the fairy gardens for my yard.

LeSan said...

That was so fun! You did a fantastic job of making it like we were there with you. Thanks for taking us and for the cheap tickets. LOL

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Grace & Darla: LOL, I guess it was understandable that they did not want people to steal their ideas. I have been known to draw and write them up on the spot though ;-)

Lynn: All of those Mums on the chute and around it looked so pretty. There sure were a bunch of them.

Tatyana: It was unbelievable how he made those gorgeous pieces out of aluminum soda cans.

Catherine: Me too girl. Would love to be able to make them.

Kanak: I love to see recycled items too. It is amazing sometimes what people can come up with.

Robin: You will have to go girl, but do it on a Friday. It is packed out on Sat. & Sun.

Heather: I did not see elves but saw some fairies hanging around.

Adrienne: It was a great show if you are into the crafting.

Barb: They were the sweetest fairy gardens.

Le San: Glad you liked the show;-) Thanks for dropping by.

Joe: Hey, we were there at the same time. There were so many people I would never have spotted you and Linda.