Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Additions to the Garden

Well after I stop kicking my self in the backside
I will get to some new additions to the garden.
I have been suffering a slow down in my computer
and was practically ready to call the satellite provider
and give them a piece of what mind I have left.
Then upon getting the idea that it just might be
my fault (who would have guessed) and that I should
reboot my computer first, I proceeded to do it. Well
needless to say she is running like a whiz now.
My computer shuts down after it is idle for a while
so I never shut it down. I guess it was tired and needed
restarted. Do I feel dumb? Oh well it goes with the territory.
Now onto the good stuff!

Like many of you I have been scrutinizing my flower
beds and making changes. Moving things and adding in
some new plants to extend the growing season.
Some of my flower beds just made no sense at all.
Plants that I loved and just stuck in that upon really
looking at, just did not work. Also I tended to have more
pinks, blues and purples and not enough of other
colors. So I have been working the flower beds into
sections and getting some colors to flow together.
You would think that Burgundy Gaillardia would go
with Red Roses but when they start getting more yellow
in them over the years they tend to clash a little, alright
they clash a lot.

So I moved and divided the big beauty and some
other plants from the garage bank and moved in
some more roses I had scattered around to make
this into more of a Rose bed. Next Spring I want to
add in some different color of rose bushes and hope
that they do not turn into all red roses like the Irish Gold
did this year.

I have been working more on the long bed that
runs along the woods. This bed runs from sun
(due to a dying tree) and into shade.
After seeing so many beautiful lilies this summer
and having planted some last fall and falling in love
with them, I went on this lily kick of planting this fall.
I have planted over sixty lilies in different sections
along with the transplanted irises, and sowed some Foxglove
seeds in the mix that one of you generous blog friends
sent to me, which will no doubt feed the deers for years.
Most of the lilies were a cheaper assorted bunch
which will be surprises when they bloom. They will be
future moves most likely ;-)

Along with them were planted some known lilies
such as:

Pink Elodie, Brings Joy,Ceres, Daring Deception,
Fata Morganna, Siloam Double Classic,Spinx ,
Strawberry Candy, Wineberry Candy, Windsor
Castle, and:

Siloam Merle Kent and Purple d' Oro

White Stargazer 'Snow Princess' and pink Stargazer lilies.

In the pink section of the sunny part were added:

Peony ' Celebration'

And Achillea 'Summerwine'. I had here also Echinacea
purprea and sedums. Flowing from the pinks into a
new yellow section has been added:

Achillea 'Sunshine' and a ' Goblin' Gaillardia.

Echinacea's 'Harvestmoon' and 'Sunrise'

And stuck in the middle of the yellows is 'Maynight' Salvia
to add the pop.

A new section of blue flowers flows from the yellow
in which I added a new Sea Holly Erngium 'Sapphire Blue'
and a new Agastache ' Blue Fortune'. I am hoping that these
will go well with the new blue re-blooming Irises.
Like all gardeners I will probably have to tweak and
change some things here if the blues clash.

After stripping a little bed of all of the old fashioned
purple irises that were divided and moved I added an
all new color for me. Yes, I have really made myself go
out on a limb here and added orange and rust to my flowers.
If you knew me you would know how big this step is ;-)

Achillea 'Apricot Delight' and red Helenium and some
Apricot ' Windsor Castle' lilies with Coreposis 'Burnt

After I see the color of the blooms next summer I may
add in some of the old Burgundy Gaillardia. I was thinking
about adding the two 'Becky Towne' variegated phlox to this
mix but I have never saw the blooms of the Becky Towne
so I am unsure if it will clash or blend in. Of those of you who
have this flower is the blooms more pink, apricot or red?
Will it clash with the rusts and apricots? I really need advise
from you before I receive and plant them this fall.
If you all think they will clash then they
will have to go to another bed.

To the shady beds new anemones were added.
So you see I have really been busy this Fall in the
garden. When they all get grown in, the redone
flower beds should flow together better, or not.
In my mind and on paper it flows anyway but I
will have to wait until next summer to see the fruit
of my labors.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ So much fun. Ms. Gertie Jekyll would be awed. 'Becky' ["Towie" as I know her] clashes with herself. LOL Mine is planted with several leafy green plants surrounding her and similar colored flowers a few feet away. The green defuses the strong colors and helps them to blend. I can't wait to see your border next summer.

Mary Delle said...

You have been busy and to guess from my own joy at doing just what you are doing, having fun. Your flower choices look beautiful.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have been very busy! Planting and rearranging is what makes gardening so fun. A lot of the moving I've been doing is trying have areas "make sense", I think all of us gardeners see something we love, plant it and then see it really doesn't fit in.
You've got some great new plants, those lilies will be beautiful. I don't have a lot of orange either, but I think it's so pretty in the garden and goes with so many other colors. I'll look forward to seeing how it all looks next summer.

Rosey Pollen said...

I like this quote! I am in total agreement!
Your blog is just wonderful and a joy to explore. You just got yourself another follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Grace: So your telling me Becky Towne goes with nothing ;-) Great, I will have to find her own spot then. Thanks for the heads up.

Mary; Thanks Mary for dropping by.I am happiest when tearing up the garden ;-)

Catherine: I do not mind moving them so much if I do not kill the poor things.Loving your new plants.

Rosey: So glad you dropped by and for adding to the followers. I enjoy your blog so much. Good luck on the Blotanical awards!

Sue said...

Wow, you've been busy! You are going to have lots of blooms next year! I didn't see a one bloom or combination in your photos that I didn't like. I tend to mix things up a bit and don't find that flowers clash like some do. I am trying to remember if the color of your helenium is the same I planted this year. I hope it is.

I was planning on moving some things around, too, but I fell on my knee over a week ago, and it is still hurting. My husband went out and picked tomatoes for me today.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Such a stunning collection of colors. I love every one of them.

Happy Autumn.


Nutty Gnome said...

Hi. I wandered into your blog from elsewhere (but have lost track of where I was!).

I've really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your gorgeous photos. You've got some great plants and it's encouraged me to get a wider range of colours into my garden for next year!

Thank you.
Liz (aka Nutty Gnome)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Sue: Sorry about your knee.Let the hubby help all he can.;-)

Jen: Thank you. Happy Autumn to your to. Glad you dropped by.

Nutty Gnome: Well I am glad you dropped by even if you were lost ;-)

Sunita said...

Watch where you step, that's my jaw down there on the floor. What an amazing garden you have, Lona.

RainGardener said...

You've really been busy. I need to do that but still can't figure out what I want to do. Your flowers are great and you sound so much like me - the part about going out on a limb with the rust and orange. I've added yellows and some pinks that clash with all of my 'cool colored' pinks like Red Valerian that I just love but it actually clashes a bit with most of mine. I'm getting there too with more of a variety now. My whole yard was in pinks, purples, blues, wines, anything in the 'cool' colors. Love your Salvia and POP is right - it really does.

Phoenix C. said...

I love the red helenium! The centres look so lovely and round and like fabric sculptures!

Anonymous said...

What fun! You must have put a good chunk of change to buy all those garden goodies. I'm jealous! Where are you going to put it all? I've been trying to reign myself in lately, but still managed to buy pansies, ornamental kale, a 50c Cooky Geum, and a new one called Lyon Hypericum. I also planted some crocus bulbs, but once I get back from vacation in October, I want to plant a WHOLE lot more bulbs.

In The Garden said...

I'm so glad I stopped by your blog, your pictures are absolutely stunning, everything is so bright and vibrant. :) Rebecca

RainGardener said...

I left a comment yesterday - hmmm wonder what happened to it? I think it said it would appear after blog owner approval. Uh oh!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Sunita: LOL, What can I say after so many years I needed a change in the garden.;-)

RainGardener: I am so sorry and so far behind responding to the blogs. Today is a rainy day so trying to catch up ;-) We do sound a like. We need to broaden our horizons a little and and some different colors.;-)

Phoenix: I am really anxious to see them in bloom. It will be an anxious winter and spring ;-)

Robin: Some of my old pansies are starting to bloom again but would love some fall colors ones. I love kale but have never tried it. I am already fighting the squirrels for the lily bulbs. May have to get my gun out ;-)

Rebecca: I am so glad you dropped by. Have a wonderful weekend!