Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Gardeners Do When it Rains

They blog and talk about flowers,
look at other gardeners flowers,
and plan what to do outdoors when the rain stops.
I am not going to complain because we were
really needing the rain in this part of the
Buckeye state.
The rain has not slowed down the
traffic on
the highway out front with people going
to the Arts and Crafts Show at Old Man's Cave.
Since I did not want to melt I opted to
stay home this year. No, I am an old salty
and not sweet and sugary ;-)

I missed Fertilizer Friday, Sorry Tootsie!
But I did get some pictures of some of the
flowers that are still trying to put out some

blooms and of some of the Fall decor that
I have stuck on the front porch.

The mums are starting to bloom. They
spent the winter in the basement and were
pinched back longer than they should have maybe,

but they will last longer for fall blooming. I pinch
them back until the last of July.

Look who is coming back now that the days
have grown shorter cooler.

Not exactly a fall pansy and though I would love
some that look more like Fall I may have really
blown all of my pin money for flowers for the year.

This will likely be the last echinacea for this summer.
Poor thing looks so forlorn and lonely all by itself.

This Clustered purple Bellflower decided to surprise
me with a single new bloom.

Another Stock plant finally decided to bloom.
I do not think I will be trying to grow Stock

ever again. Who knew it took months to bloom.
I know everyone except Robin and myself.

See the pretty purple potato vine in the wagon
my Dad made me? Now picture it with just a
whole lot of stems and no leaves.
Yep, the deers like sweet potatoes too.

I am still loving this free morning glory that
the birds or wind sent to the garden.
Free is a good thing.

Stella d' Oro has been spluttering around
and putting on a few blooms to let me know
she is a trooper in the garden.

The Iboza vine in this old coal bucket keeps
trying to spread her vines. I have pinched it
back all summer and have started some new
vines from it to try to over winter.

Remember the stray cat that grew three kittens
in the flower bed. Well sadly something has
happened to the yellow one. The ornery black one
has taken over my potting bench just like momma.

And the gray one thinks Mom makes a good
pillow while hanging onto the back of the chair.

I am more of a dog person but these old strays
know how to get around me.
Now when I look out the back door in the mornings
not one old cat is waiting and staring back at me
but one old cat and four little eyes are watching
for me. What is that mother teaching them.
Who me, an old softy ? Oh, well what can I say.

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Good luck Everyone!

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Lona! I love all the blooms that say: Summer! The first pictures made me almost panicy: is it fall already? Is it time to decorate for Thanksgiving?
I wish a bird would bring morning glory seeds to my garden. I didn't have luck with it. And you have free kittens... I'm getting jealous!

Nell Jean said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. You could grow Cassia alata as an annual. Start it inside and plant out after frost. It doesn't bloom until the days grow short, mid-September. I skipped last year and started over again this year.

The plants look as if they're doing nothing all summer and suddenly in September, they zoom to great heights and put up those stunning candles.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love your fall decorations. We've just put some up too, gets me in the mood for fall. You do still have quite a bit blooming too.
I would be an old softy for that little kitten too, they look so cute together.

Balisha said...

I just goe in the mood for fall decorations...looking at your blog. Those kitties know an old softy when they see it.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I'd say that cat has very good taste to want to make your garden her home! What mother doesn't want to surround her children with as much beauty as possible? We're getting much-needed rain today as well. But it makes me feel lazy!

lynn'sgarden said...

Adorable Mommy and kitten! They sure look right at home...will you adopt them? A nice welcome with those fall colors at your front door, Lona ;)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

You are a softy to let the cat with her kittens take up residents.

I don't have deer, but the Japanese beetles usually devour my purple sweet potato vines.

Darla said...

Such beauty surrounds you!! It rained here today...what did I do? Gardened in the rain!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I chuckled when I saw you taking about growing stock in the garden! Still not a whisper of a blossom, despite the most healthy looking foliage. It's really too big to dig up and pot for wintering in the basement, but I've just got to try. I don't want my efforts to go to waste! On a brighter note, my cosmos is finally covered in blooms. Hope they pop out before frost arrives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ Your kitties are so cute. And the fall decorations are looking cheery. I love all your bloomers, still going strong.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Beautiful blooms as always. Your fall decorations are very pretty!

Congratulations on your nominations at the Blotanical awards! All the best!

spookydragonfly said...

HEY Lona! I actually made it to your comment screen this time! You live the closest to me, yet I have the greatest difficulty connecting to your blog. I love your fall headershot...and you always seem to have your home decorated beautifully for the coordinating season! I'm glad to hear that you're soft-hearted and have let the strays stay. A word of caution... once the kittens stop weaning, take the Momma in to get her fixed so there's no future surprises! That is if you like having her around, I love my strays that I took in. I hope you get this comment...I've enjoyed seeing your blooms of fall!

Rosey Pollen said...

Thanks for reminding me to get out my fall decor. Yours is adorable.
I also loved the blooms you posted and the cats, oh so cute. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Many housewives like to buy mums to decorate their homes during Chinese New Year. But those mums usually do not grow well after a while here. Yours are so pretty. I like the colour. Congrats on being the finalists in those categories. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Tatyana: That is some powerful dirt around here that grows kittens ;-) We go decorating silly in this state and decorate for fall. I thing our local Pumpkin Show with the giant pumpkin contests in October get everyone going.

Nell: Thanks for the tip girl maybe I will try one as a annual. I love the yellow blooms on it and that is blooms late.

Catherine:I had to get myself in the mood for Fall someway. Now I have to get in the flowers for winter.

Balisha: It is all in those little eyes ;-)

Adrienne: We sure did need the rain here in this part of the state. It made for a good napping day ;-)

Lynn: There are so many stray cats around here it would bankrupt the neighbors and I. It is that bad and of course they keep coming. I think we need to get rid of the Tom cats.

Robin: The beetles were not too awful here this summer like other summers, but now we will start getting over ran with the Asian ladybugs with the colder weather.

Darla: Did you drag that Bilbo out in the rain to garden? ;-)

Robin: I am wondering if that plant deserves a spot in my basement ;-) Then again by next spring it may be ready to really bloom.

Grace: Some still put out a few blooms just to tide me over ;-) Just got to get them ready for winter this week.

Kanak: Thanks and good luck to you and congrats on your nominations.

Kim: Hi girl! Got your comment. I just cannot figure this blogger thing out. More than my simple brain can figure out. Don't forget those beautiful fall pictures around the pond. Too bad the dragonflies will be leaving though.

Rosey: I need a big sign with free cats in the front yard or flower bed ;-)

Stephanie: Thank you. I did not know that about the Chinese New Years and the use of Mums. How interesting.Have a great weekend.

Tunes Photo said...

The decorations on your front porch is stunning!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Lona, congrats on being nominated for the Blot. awards;-) You deserve it! Seeing your fall decor makes me realize I'd better get with the picture! I'm still stuck in summer mode and don't want to move forward! It has gotten a bit cooler here, but we still will have warm weather on and off through Oct. It is kind of an in-between-seasons time, here in northern VA!!

Tootsie said...

your fall decor is so perfect where you have it. I will be posting in the rain and possibly in sleet and snow next week....I pray we miss the snow part...but sadly this is the Canadian climate we are talking about...and I fear that I will be damned to looking and loving your gardens after mine are gone!
have a great week!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Lona, Did I leave a comment for you yesterday? I don't see it here so I'm hoping it went through! Your blooms in September look good! I've never had stock...maybe I should forego it because my patience is shot:-) Love your fall porch decor. I haven't done anything yet for fall...I'm just not ready for it yet! I can't accept that summer is just a memory. It isn't really fall-like here so I'm trying to hang on to summer as long as possible. Good luck with the Blotanical have a beautiful blog!

Autumn Belle said...

Lona, your autumn decorations are lovely. So are the flower pictures. It is indeed dfficult to reject the cute kittie and mom. They look so happy together on the cosy bench, taking 40 winks or cat naps? Congratulations on your nominations and Good Luck!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jan: Yep, I got it. Just been slow today. Had to get the plants ready for the cold weather coming in. Hang right onto your warm weather. I sure would if I could.

Tunes Photo: Thank you so much and thanks for dropping by.

Autumn Belle: Thanks a lot and congratulations and good luck to you to.

Debbies Doodle said...

ohoohohh... i love the first picture. YOu have inspired me!! I just bought a new bird feeder form an Amish guy who had them in his front yard for sale.. love that vine going up on it..
The kittys are so cute..
Thank you,