Sunday, September 13, 2009

The First Signs of Fall & Enjoy Today

As I look out my kitchen window this morning at the
thermometer it tells me it is a very cool morning before I
even step out the back door. As I take a look around the
at the surroundings the first signs of of just how real
this Autumn thing is and that it is going to happen
despite what I want hits me in the face.
The sugar maple trees are starting to get some color in
them here in the hills.

The hardy mums are starting to open their buds.
Although I love the colors of Autumn what follows
it keeps me from enjoying it as much as I should. I
fear I am just not a Winter person at all. I tell everyone
that I am just like the flowers and need the sunshine
to keep me alive and happy. I love to just be able to
step into some slip on shoes and walk out the back
door. I hate the cold, bulky coats and cloudy skies.
I believe there has been a big mistake along the line
somewhere and I should have been born or be
living where the temperatures are warm all
year, a Island somewhere where I can grown flowers
all year long.
I know get over it, your flowers are going to be gone,
and there is a season for everything.

Then I remember that I should not be whining but
should be thankful after the disaster that happened
this week to my neighbors across the road from me.
You see we looked out side and there was smoke
coming from under the eaves all around the neighbors
house. It was on fire and no one was home. How do you
call up someone and tell them their house is on fire.
Believe me it is no easy task. Even after calling the fire
department you feel so helpless and fret that they will
not get there before the whole place is in cinders.
You checked that no one is in the house but you know
that their loved pet is inside.
Thank heavens for the man who in just passing by, stops
to try to help. Thank heavens for another neighbor who
grabs the water hose and tries to get the flames out.
Thanks for good neighbors and good Samaritans who
break open a door or a window to dowse the flames
and get the pet out before the fire department got there.
In rural areas it can be a wait before help can arrive.
A terrible situation was held in check and the house
was saved from total destruction. The damage was
kept to just the living room and there was smoke
and water damage but it could have been so much worse.
So why should I complain about anything at all.
We should not look at the future and dread but look at
just this day, today, and enjoy it, laugh, smile and
enjoy today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Lona. I have to remind myself constantly to live in the present and enjoy the moment.

Anonymous said...

There are good people in this world, after all -- isn't that a delightful realization, especially at a time of crisis like that? People are intrinsically good, not evil; the media just makes it hard to remember that sometimes. :) And we certainly need to remind ourselves from day to day that, no matter how bad things might seem to be, they could always be much, much worse.

That's a gorgeous fall display in your header photo and your lantana butterfly pic is wonderful. Fall is definitely in the air here, too, with just a hint of colour in the hardwoods. Luckily, I love the Winter and through the camera's eye have learned that at much beauty abounds in that quiet season as any other time of year. It's just more of a pain to find it. ;-)

madcobug said...

I dread colder weather with no flowers blooming.
Thank goodness you were home and could tell someone the pet was inside the burning home. Glad that someone got it out else the smoke could have killed it. When you see something happen like that it makes a person gives thanks to the one above. Helen

MissyM said...

Oh I am so glad the pets got out alive! What a tragedy for your neighbor. There are good people in the world.
I love the mums (?) in your header.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

The helplessness witnessing a house on fire is understandable. A call to fire department, a pail of water, and a shout to warn are little things we can do... It surely helps. ~bangchik

Jo said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! Much appreciated! You have such gorgeous photo's here!

Darla said...

Count your blessings Lona!!!

Balisha said...

It seems that you were observant and thought fast. We all hope that someone helps in the time of need.

VW said...

Autumn, how can you be here already? Gah! I confess that mums aren't my favorite flower, but I really like your cream and pink combo in the header picture. Well, I'm prone to like anything pink. Very nice.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I know for me it's easy to complain about things sometimes. Like your experience with your neighbors house, it helps put things into perspective that we do need to appreciate the day instead of worrying about things we can't change, like the weather. Glad there wasn't much damage. I bet they were thankful for all the help they got.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Your poor neighbors - what a thing to come home too - You are right, when something like that happens it does put things in perspective, but its still OK to be sad that the summer has gone.

Sue said...

Hi Lona,
When I saw your header, I thought to myself, "She's ready for fall!" Then, when I read your post, thought that could have been me writing it, except for the part about the neighbors' house catching fire. I hate winter, too, so when fall approaches I get anxious, and need to remind myself to relax and enjoy the days.

I'm glad you and others were able to see what was going on and take steps to minimize the damage.

Tootsie said...

how scary! I am so glad the pet was saved and that the house was not totally ruined! what a horrible thing to come home to!
Your flowers are beautiful, and I agree ...I was also born to the wrong climate...but I am grateful for what I I should be!

Muhammad khabbab said...

lona thanks for sharing. i am not a winter person either, loves sunshine and spring touch. mums are my favorite specially the ones with tri-color rings.

JOE TODD said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbors .Life just happens sometimes. My wife saw the picture of your "garden bears" and now I'm going shopping.

Anonymous said...

What a shocking story - a reminder as you say that we need to enjoy each day, never knowing what will happen tomorrow. In south east Australia we can grow flowers all year long, but the challenge is to find drought and heat resistant flowering plants. I love your blog, and your photos are superb. Cheers, catmint